WORSER: 125 Cops Laid Off In Patterson, New Jersey

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Paterson New Jersey police

This might not sound like a big deal to some of you. But please believe it is.

A quarter of the officers in the Paterson Police Department have been laid off.

There are now fewer cops in a city that just about everyone agrees needs more police.

On the streets of Paterson, things are not looking up in the eyes of some city residents.

“There’s a lot of crime,” said Nelsa Rodriguez, a Paterson resident.

Rodriguez is concerned that crime will spike.

“They’re will be more killing,” Rodriguez said.

The residents of one of New Jersey’s toughest towns are wondering what comes next, now that 125 cops have begun turning in their badges.

“Whatever it takes to bring them back we have to bring them back,” a resident said.

This would be bad news anywhere. But in a city where 25% of the population living below the poverty level?…


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