Bossip Almost Shot When Gangs Open Fire And “Jay Money” Is Shot In Head At Venice Mid-Interview! [Video]

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This shooting happened just off screen and you can tell by Jonesy’s reaction… it was close!

A man was in critical condition after a shooting Saturday on the Venice boardwalk that sent hordes of onlookers running pell-mell into the streets, police said Sunday.

“It looked like a human tidal wave,” said Spencer L. Sirlin, 27, a Hollywood booking agent who witnessed the attack.

The victim, in his mid-20s, was struck in the head and side and taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, said Los Angeles police Sgt. Felipe Vasquez, of the Pacific Division’s beach detail.

The man’s name and updated condition were not available Sunday evening. No arrests have been made, Vasquez said.

The shooting occurred amid a “flash mob” crowd that was organized at least in part over Twitter, Vasquez said.

Alexandria Thompson, a member of a neighborhood watch group called Venice311, said she notified police midmorning Saturday of the online effort to pull together a “flash mob” at the shoreline basketball courts along Ocean Front Walk.

“Venice beach bball ct going up tomorrow,” read the Twitter alert, which was retweeted with embellishments over and over as the day progressed, Thompson said.

Vasquez said he called in reinforcements as the crowd, including young men in gang attire and tattoos, swelled in the late afternoon. About 6:30 p.m., six to eight shots rang out at 17th Avenue and Ocean Front Walk, Vasquez said. The victim ran half a block to an alley where he collapsed, Vasquez said.

The crowd scattered through the neighborhood, with some hiding in nearby shops. The bus stops were mobbed with people trying to flee by public transportation, said Jessie Lieberson, a clerk in a vintage clothing store.

Thompson, 43, said some in the mob ran away backward so they could continue to watch the action.

“They were laughing. It was all part of the event for them,” she said. “There’s a kind of free-for-all down here. Everybody is trying to get away with as much as they can.”

Vasquez said it was not the first flash mob assembled at the boardwalk through social media. A false report that a major hip-hop star would be shooting a video drew a gaggle of break dancers and onlookers earlier this year. The other incidents did not end in violence, he said.

But some business owners said disturbances have been escalating. And they feared the trend would scare off the visitors who have made Venice one of Southern California’s most popular destinations.

Lieberson doubted the latest incident would tarnish Venice’s louche charm.

“The tourists are coming from overseas; they like the legacy of dropouts and hippies,” said the 23-year-old London native. “Our business has been really good lately.”

Simone Shellmire, 23, a model who lives in North Hollywood, said the attack made her uncomfortable, but would not keep her from a scene she’s enjoyed since she was a young girl.

“This is my sweet spot,” Shellmire said. “The cool music on the beach, the drum circle. … It’s diversity. I love coming here.”

Some of the Bossip Staff is new to Cali and we would like to have them watch their back during these interviews. We all know how Cali gets down… SMH


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  • ting,ting

    scary..any where you see young people be cautious because they don’t respect life. In Canada is the same thing young people always ready to pull a gun out.

  • Jez

    what kind of camera do you have to shoot this footage?

  • ReallyNotINterested

    Pity that the creator of this site wasn’t hit.

  • SoKali

    killer cali.

    • chuck2884

      Exactly why venice is not the spot to go anymore too many thugs

  • Soul Touch

    Damn shame.

  • (_Jasmine_)

    Why kill one another? Working with this type of group is frustrating, because when programs are implemented to help them get out of gangs and better themselves they don’t want the change. What upsets me are the family members who actually care about these kids,but they are too selfish to understand that being in a gang affects their loved ones tremendously…How can one help this type of population when they just DON’T care….?

  • blaze

    mark my word……. “alert” ER’S and [hospitals]around the country to get ready this is going to be the most violent summer on record ,for black on black murder/crime . they are doing it just like they do it south of the border in mexico. and the undertakers/funeral homes will b making plenty of loot.other than that no comment.

  • burns

    LOL@the interviewer “Jonesy’s” reaction… priceless. “Welcome to cali”

  • Trini Sazon a.k.a # Coons sit Down

    theyyy shootin !-another day in Cali as usual they are so use to it that people are walking away while shots were being fired ,even some people were smirking and laughing like its nothing smh

  • heliguy

    who the hell is jay money?I remember the ole skool J money.iiiiyyyyi who dat,that was the jam.

  • Miz Khalifa

    @reallynotinterested, u r such a damn idiot. If u hate the site so much…dont effing go on, you jacka*s!! Who says sh*t like that?

  • chicamami69

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  • blackscome1st

    We..only Blacks can survive in the jungle. LOL white people took off quick…Cuz we ain’t NEVER SCARED….

    • hezeone

      there is an another word for that type of bravery: stupidity😄

  • E$

    Jmoney knew what he was reppn & what come with that…..

  • Bossip Almost Shot When Gangs Open Fire And “Jay Money” Is Shot In Head At Venice Mid-Interview! [Video] | General Information Link Sites

    […] This shooting happened just off screen and you can tell by Jonesy’s reaction… it was close! A man was in critical condition after a shooting Saturday on the Venice boardwalk that sent hordes of onlookers running pell-mell into the streets, police said Sunday. “It looked like a human tidal wave,” said Spencer L. Sirlin, 27, […]read more…. […]


    oops dramatic.

  • the SOB

    Damn I thought things were a little different now.

  • hezeone

    afro-negro…again XD!


    This is so ridiculous. While our young white men are getting ready for college our young black men are either preparing to be buried or to spend a life time of going through the system…what the hell happened?


    This is all Rappers know…violence.

  • Sick of you people

    @ProudLatina…girl please the show 48hrs is always showing murders in Miami!!!

    • Really

      @ProudLatina go to New Orleans or Baton Rouge ,Chicago,Detroit,Flynt, Gary,Indiana, or Little Rock & Pine Bluff, Arkansas then tell me if you think the same. There are killers every where.

  • chrissy

    wow thats sad…..

  • Ti

    Why didn’t 20 or so thugs get killed that day? I only wish! Just don’t come to the Marina! And PLEASE stay out of Santa Monica boardwalk!

    Please hurry up and kill yourselves!

  • Kissible Entertainment Inc

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  • The Bear

    YOU just made yourself look like the biggest A$$. “Dispite” IS a word. You should look it up. And be more careful before you critique others’ vocab in the future because apparently yours could use some work too… ya naaa mean???

  • jayluv

    Despite is a word not Dispite.

  • Soul Touch


    It’s CHAOS not KAOS LMAO!!!!

    “The police ‘searches’ for the suspect..”

    Ok…I can’t do this LOL I’m done. lol


    @ BEAR…..WHO’S THE DUMMY NOOOWWWWWW???? *major payne voice* SAWWY I HAD 2 LMAOOOOO

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  • Cool Pretty Nerd

    @Soul Touch

    You got me over here dying!Lmao!

  • Evil, evil, muthafukkin' evil Kim Kardashian

    They do, how do you think “DaHonestTruth” makes a living?

  • rockness monster

    Go back to the caves of the caucasus mountains where your brain remains.
    Better yet, why dont you stop being a loser in your own community so you won’t feel so threatened.
    Weaklings are the Worst…

  • kerry (is eating tater tots with a kufi on)

    Are you kidding? Sadly, this happens EVERYWHERE. This isn’t shocking at all.

  • ProudLatina

    It might but its no where near how it is in LA. I saw a lot of these type of things in LA. I have lived in Miami,FL, RI and NC and nothing compares to California they just dont care.

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