Hide Ya Kush: One-Time Pops Antoine Dodson For Blowing Big

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Antoine Dodson

Poor thang! ‘Toine was just trying to get his buzz on in the wee hours of the morning when one-time put a stop to his fun.

According to TMZ reports:

Dodson was popped in Alabama by Huntsville PD at around 2:30 AM. He was booked on a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana and released a short time after.

According to the jail’s website, Dodson was hit with a few other misdemeanor charges — two for failing to appear on a traffic charge, one for failing to have insurance and one for speeding.

Ride around ‘Bama gettin’ blazed and you will get busted … Now run and tell that homeboy!

Antoine Dodson's Rap Sheet


  • Honut Sinti


    • The Gym

      Finally. Well….time to drop the soap

    • alicekii85

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    LOL…He looks like a busted hoodrat bit*ch.

    • kimmycakes

      and i quote “that sad wave on his head is playing a warped and busted version of “Whip My Hair”


  • Mrs. Rance

    Now Toine you know you can’t be riding around dirty when you got warrants. Ain’t T.I. taught us nothin?

  • TriniGlamazon

    Is anyone at all surprised by this?!?!!?

  • QueenLove

    He’s in Alabama for Gawd sake…you can’t breathe without being locked up there. I guess he thought he was Hollywood.

  • http://thoughtskilldreams.com thoughts!!!


  • da prophet


  • flipthescript

    Ms. Thang Thang got a lottery ticket…a chance to play in the big bad boys play pen.

  • veryfunny

    LMAO @”run and tell that homeboy”.


    @AMBER 4/23/11, 12:58:PM

    Please take it down a notch. It has nothing to do with black men. It’s just Toind smoking some of that goody goody. What does this have to do with hip hop and the black men – symdrome? Never mind – girl you too serious this afternoon. I know you going to church tomorrow. Praise God!

  • Im ReALiST Momma...Romper la Cabeza putas ?

    Honey, he so happy to be locked up with all those men he feel like a fag at a rupaul concert…dropping his soap every wash detail ..he couldnt be happier or gayer right now …already look happy happy!

  • ocapkid aka haitian 1

    this nicca looks like grinch LMAO ahhh sh*t

  • meh love meh


  • My own bestfriend

    he look like a ghetto oopmaa loompa.

  • JM@gic(Trini-americans Dont Coon out,leave it for the Afro-americans )

    This just insures that this Afro americans 15 mins of fame will continue what a shyt bomb

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