Lil Scrappy’s Mom On Diamond & Soulja Boy “Beeitch Got Booty Implants, I Wanna Put My Hands Around Her Throat!” [Video]

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Lil Scrappy Then Called Into The Station And Said He Has No Beef With Soulja For Popping His Kids’ Mother’s Guts Out Like A Hernia. He Also Said “When Two Folk Are Attracted To Each Other… Nothing You Can Do.” Good Luck With That Scrappy…

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  • ebonyblonde

    i’m so lost. someone fill me in on this. this snippet didnt do anything for me…

    • kerry (Black women=yummmmmmmmmm)

      You might be lost because they write “theirs nothing you can do” instead of “there’s nothing you can do”.

    • kerry (Black women=yummmmmmmmmm)

      write=wrote (so much for my help).

    • ebonyblonde

      that actually heled alot…his mom needs to calm down with all that ignorance though

    • alicekii85

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  • kerry (Black women=yummmmmmmmmm)

    Is that Souljah Boi in the photo? It looks like he has makeup on.

    • chekmate sun

      Snowjah Boy look like he dreamin she a key of powder…
      He goin H.A.M on the Slopes…

  • yea i said it

    When and how he get to be to be the prince of the south? They just giving crown out to anybody in the music industry these days…Smh

    • Fab.


  • ProudLatina

    LiL Scrappy is probably glad she’s gone. Im glad he isen’t too worried about her ugly azz

  • Dilla

    Yeah, Scrappys mom is a full out, ghetto mess! I understand that she left your son but damn lady, it’s not that serious. Some moms need to stop treating their sons like their men

  • Fab.

    Diamond and Scrappy were engaged, not sure about the kids. And this pic was just leaked

  • jane doe

    Diamond(CZ) is just f*ckn anyone or anything to get on. She’s up to no good.


    I guess we know now why our young men and women are turning out the way they are. this is straight up ghetto.

  • Mrs. Rance

    But why does Diamond jump on the ride at the very moment a dude’s career starts its downward spiral toward a crash landing? Still this is a major upgrade for her. Hopefully Soulja boy can make some producer money. They do aight.

    • virgo 06'


    • Mrs. Rance

      Yup. Got enough money for a camera, got enough brains to know how to post a gravatar, got high enough self esteem not to give a damn what you think AND my husband is foine. Is that you? You look very odd yourself.

    • Cuda Love!

      Mrs Rance you are a beautiful Queen and I love your skintone!

    • phatphat

      say dat ms rance

  • Getem

    His mom is the epitome of ignorance. I thank God I wasn’t raised in that type of household.

    • okay.....

      uuum…and you were raised in a household where it was cool to talk about other folks’ moms? Ooooookaaaay!

    • chaka1


      STFU! We are grown.

    • phatphat

      dont think shes talkin bout the lady.she appears to b speaking truth

  • From Fl to Va Chick

    “Prince of the South”?>Only a mother could think like that. Not sure why diamond(chip)would want anybody that slept w/ “Rat Stacks”!That’s some dangerous paper chasing.

  • simone

    i sooo hate when mothers get into their sons love lives. I’ve seen it first hand this crap is #NotCute. She sounded like a bitter rat. #ToBeHonest

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Lol@ Prince of the South. Scrappy said they werent even together so why is his Mother’s feelings so hurt? Felt like you lost a daughter? Get over yourself and your son. The only reason either of them are in the media is because of Soulja Boy and that “low down dirty b” otherwise you would still be where you have always been. No where to be found.

  • gr8er

    It’s obvious that Diamond’s career is over, so she’s just hanging onto any swining d i c k that can get her non-educated behind by. Its either that or work at the IHOP. Diamond is as ignorant as they come.

    Oh Scrappy’s mom needs to siddown somewhere. All up in some kindergarten BS.

    • Getem

      Right! It’s so sad.

  • candyapple

    WTF?? who the hell cares??

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