Athletes & Hoes: Before She Was Mrs. Bosh, Was Adrienne Williams Just Another Jumpoff?

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Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams

Damn, they’ve barely been married two weeks and folks are already throwing salt.

Rumor has it that Chris Bosh fell victim to that “groupie love” when he wifed up Adrienne “Short Stacks” Williams.

Every baller worth his salt in Atlanta knows who Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, is. She was a fixture in the VIPs at Vision and Velvet Room nightclubs back in the day. Every pro athlete has made eye contact with her at some point in time.

According to my sources, Adrienne was a very well-maintained groupie who spent all her available cash on Delta buddy passes to follow the professional teams from city to city. If you didn’t have at least 6 zero’s in your bank account, she wasn’t hollering at you.

Bosh knew all of this, of course, but he still married her anyway.

Damn son! The buddy pass though? That’s a low blow. These folks are saying Adrienne married Chris Bosh for his money and not for love! SMH. After all, what’s not to love about ol’ Cry Baby?

We’ve seen enough “Basketball Wives” to know that if this is true, Adrienne is more of the rule than the exception. These broads might as well start a damn Gold Digger dating service the way they jump from player to player.

That said, if you were Chris Bosh, would you have wifed her?



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