Lawsuits: BeyBey The Dream Killer Cost Company Millions After Backing Out Of Video Game Deal

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BEyonce video game

This broad… SMH. Beyonce left a video game company literally fawked in the game, costing some 70 people jobs and forfeiting millions in potential profits for the business.

Gate Five LLC filed a lawsuit against Beyonce yesterday in New York, which claims last June she made an agreement for a game called “Starpower: Beyonce,” before demanding a new deal and eventually backing out of the project altogether.

According to the suit, her actions drove away an investor, ultimately destroying Gate Five’s business when the company lost their $7 million investment in the venture and another $100 million in potential profit. 70 people also lost their jobs.

Damn, that’s crazy… Way to help keep the economy all fawked up BeyBey. Who signed her up for this ish in the first place? “Beyonce: Starpower” sounds hella corny.

Maybe this is the real reason Papa Knowles got fired!



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  • Getem

    If she didn’t sign a contract then that’s on them. But I hope she didn’t cause this ruckus for the money. That would be a bit uncouth.

    • Getem

      Right! Forgot about the verbal.

    • Kim

      It says “According to the suit, her actions drove away an investor, ultimately destroying Gate Five’s business”

      The deal went under because the INVESTOR LEFT because Bey wanted to renegotiate the deal. NOT because she walked away or anything. People renegotiate business deals all the time; if they couldn’t come to an agreement Bey probably would have stuck with the original contract but the investor is the one that backed out so they should be suing the investor.

      Anyway, without knowing all the specifics it’s hard to say who’s at fault, but Bey has done many many business deals & they were probably trying to screw her or something & she wasn’t havin it, the investor knew that & decided to pull out, which wouldn’t be Bey’s fault.


    This Greedy heffa stays in court more than lindsay lohan

    • Kim

      Ummm clearly NOT; that’s why she’s got $$$ & lindsay is broke! How has she been on tour & making albums if she’s in court so much more, hell, Lindsay ain’t doing ish EXCEPT going to court lol!!

    • fanforaanswer

      Just because she is a high celebrity, so many thinks that they can get paid off her hard work. If those investers pull out, they saw something not right. It say the investers pull out not Bey pulled out, so why don’t they go after them, they might have tried to go after them but the case got thrown out of court so now why not try to go after Bey. Also those 70 or so people got laid off, they were going to get the booth anyway. Bey didn’t create jobs for them. People really need to stop trying to get their hand full off someone’s else hard earn money.

  • chichi

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  • Bianca

    I dont believe them.

  • cotton124

    If it’s not accepted it’s not a deal. counter offer.

  • It's Me

    and what is Bey side of the story? I need that to comment!

  • what you say heffa

    The bigger question would be why would 7 people hinge their jobs on ONE PERSON??????????? Didn’t they have any other ventures? Sounds super stupid to me. Probably a bunch of amatuers looking to capitalize off of her “starpower” and she saw through it and bounced.

    • what you say heffa

      I meant to write 70 people.

    • Can't worry about it

      Major deals have sunked companies in the past. The probably didn’t put all their eggs in a basket with this one, just a deal gone bad. It seems as if they were already working on it and she backed out. I agree, seems dumb and shady on both parts. She will probably do the dumb Beyonce smile that everyone falls for.

  • uknoitsromaro

    One minute yall behind the girl, the next yall dragging her name in the mud.


  • minerva

    it used to be that you could fool some of the people some of the time…..what happened?
    i always thought that were 2 sides of a story(maybe3)-not anymore-and for some reason, people always want to believe the worst…growing meaning of
    the dumbing down of america!!!

  • Blue Moon

    Unless the “verbal agreement” was recorded..B is gonna twerk outta dat courtroom with her ugly weave

  • Can't worry about it

    PLEASE stop acting like Beyonce is God. Whenever a story comes up about her, “Omg… not B, she would never do this”. Do you know her??? Let’s be honest… Look at her track record. She clearly sh-tted on former group members and such. I don’t care what anyone says, she sh-tted on them. Yes she has great music and she is a great entertainer, I would admit that. I am not as fascinated by her like everyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. Money is the root of all evil and she probably did want more. I do not think she is as sweet as everyone protrays her to be. That’s my two cents. Get off her nuts.

    **Now, let all the hate messages begin…

    • minerva

      i, for one, didn’t comment either way; what i stated, plain & simple: 2,possibly 3
      sides to a story-i saw only one!
      and i stand by the fact that people are so willing to believe the worst-of anyone!!
      now, what has this young lady done to you & others -besides breathe- that gives you such a hard-on?!! do you personally know her? and if you do, stop hiding in the shawdows & put your face & name to it!! otherwise–fill in the blank!!!

    • WOW!

      i actually agree with “cant worry about it” and i actually like beyonce in small doses but ppl do be acting like the girl is the female Jesus..its kinda disturbing sometimes im like would you be fallin all over yourself for God? i mean shes great and all but ppl worship this chick..smh

    • can't worry about it

      Ok Minerva… Says the person who doesn’t have a pic up as well. It doesn’t give me a “hard on”, I am stating facts. Thank you.

  • if anything be noble

    She looks completely different with dark hair.

  • ebonyblonde

    it’s ok bey! you’ll overcome this one, just like you do everything else. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!

  • Tiphanie

    @Can’t worry about it

    Cosign 100% Everyone is always so quick to take up for this chick like she’s a goddess and can do no wrong. She’s human too. We’ve all lied, cheated or stole at least ONCE in our lives. Why is she any different?

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