Royal Matrimony-dom: Kate Middleton Says “I Don’t” To Vow To Obey Prince William

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Gotta love it, while Prince William has plenty of loyal subjects in the UK his future bride is already letting it be known that she’ll neither serve nor obey!

The royal wedding may be steeped in tradition, but when Kate marries her Prince at Westminster Abbey this Friday she’s skipping out on some old-fashioned vows. Specifically, Middleton has had phrases involving “obey” and “serve” cut from the ceremony.

Princess Diana also avoided telling Prince Charles she would obey, but don’t take that as a sign of a doomed marriage, since both Princess Margaret and Princess Anne vowed to obey their husbands and then ended up in the divorce courts.

The Prince is also making some of his preferences known as well — namely his decision not to wear a ring.

While modern married men usually wear a wedding band, Prince William will follow other male royals and aristocrats who have no wedding ring on their left fingers.

While he is widely viewed as a modern royal who slowly adopted the lifestyle of ordinary people he’s keeping it royal in this case.

The palace spokesman has been quoted saying “It is a personal preference and William has decided not wear one.”

Apparently Prince William doesn’t like jewelry and has settled the issue with his fiancee who reportedly “accepted the decision of the Prince happily.” Ironically, it’s kind of a family tradition since William’s grandfather, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and and other royals have skipped out on wearing a wedding band.

William’s father, Prince Charles and uncle, Prince Edward, wore wedding rings on their left fingers. The Prince of Wales placed it under his signet ring on his left little finger.

While Kate Middleton will be presented with a ring made of a lump of Welsh Gold owned by the royal family, which will be carried by Prince Harry to the altar (royal wedding etiquette dictates that rings should be carried by a Best Man to the altar and not by a young ring bearer), Prince William won’t have one.

Ladies would you be okay with your husband not wearing a wedding band? We guess in this case, it’s not like the whole world won’t already know he’s married!

Guys, would you feel some kind of way if your future wife didn’t want to vow to obey you?


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