What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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Karl Lagerfeld Baptiste Giabiconi

We know that fashion types are legendarily uh eccentric, but this just takes the uh… cake? Karl Lagerfeld is apparently so enamored with his uh “traveling companion” and muse Baptiste Giabiconi that he had a sculpture of him made from chocolate — complete with an entire chocolate room, filled with chocolate furniture. It only took ten TONS of chocolate to make it.

The uh “work of art” debuted in Paris today, where Karl is currently promoting Magnum ice cream, and the commercial he shot for them, which stars (who else?) Baptiste!

Karl Lagerfeld Exhibition Launch at Maison Europeenne de la Photographie

Baptiste is pictured here with his uh… friend… Karl. We were actually slightly relieved when we saw the real Baptiste, being that the whole chocolate sculpture thing had us thinking… Well you know. Anyway, we’re still pretty disturbed about this and can’t help but wonder how Baptiste feels about being sculpted right down to his tightie whities.




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