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Cassie Carol's Daughter

Diddy’s favorite concubine Cassie has been named as one of the three new spokesmodels for “Carol’s Daughter” but not everyone is happy about it.

When we first announced the news, many people expressed disappointment at the lack of diversity reflected in the three spokesmodels, who all have complexions in the same beige spectrum and have all worn weave at one time or another. Cassie in particular has drawn a lot of black women’s ire because she is part Filipino and Mexican and only a quarter black. Do you think people are overreacting — and as a part black woman, Cassie has similar hair problems as the rest of us? Or do you think there is a valid point to be made, most black women don’t identify with Cassie because her of her differences in complexion and hair texture. We want to know what you think!


  • veryfunny



    why not??
    her beauty is undeniable, but black people are the main ones bowing to her because of her looks and hair. so yes put her up their.

    • moi

      ugh stfu i really cant stand mixed people with the superiority complexed just coz yo daddy didnt like his black features. doesnt mean i dont like mine

    • LitsaLea

      @moi, try being a little more objective, please. No one asks to be born black, white, brown, mixed, etc. Being multi-racial comes with its own set of issues! So you’re argument that mixed people have a superiority “complex” is ignorant. Mixed people face prejudice from ALL fronts, you being an excellent example.

  • Kim

    if she is black then why not…even if she is 1/16 black lol

    • E.C. from D.C.

      I think it’s a bit more than that …. at least 1/4

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I anything,these companies care about using beautiful,women of color (despite the shade or ethnic background) to promote their line,which of course will reel in plenty of clients= lots of $$$ duh!

  • ReallynotInterested

    three failed attempts. I quit! F*ck this site

    • Benzy

      If you want your comment to post don’t mention her name in the comment. Call her girl or C A S S I E. Lol crazy right?

    • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

      dont forget saying somethng ignant,no big words,or something hard to pronounce,then they will think you actually thought out what you intended to say

  • ReallynotInterested


    Do you have Bells Palsy?

    • AMBER

      *dead* LMAO

  • for the people

    This is for their multi-ethnic line, so yes, she fits the product they are trying to push. It does not say mixed with black line…

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    B/c of all of the race mixing these days, I dnt see a problem with it.

    I just know tht I am SICK & TIRED of seeing these “Mardi Gras” headed mixed kids with hair all over their heads.

    Maybe showcasing Ca.s.s.i.e will get White mothers to buy AA products for their children & teach them how to COMB THEIR HAIR

    • white girl

      oh stop it rose…my baby hair always combed daily..

      lil bit of tht tui oil for the scalp n sum raw shea butter for the ends n my baby good 2 go…stop the hating already.my baby hair prolly look better thn urs neway ;P

  • Oh_Please

    It’s like using a mixed person with straight hair to sell relaxers……selling false hope

    • Vonn

      I agree. Most haircare products for Black folks are not for her grade of hair. She would be a better fit for the mixed chicks product line. False hope indeed!

    • Whatever

      Most of the models on the hair

      boxes are African or mixed.

  • what you say heffa

    Bre has beautiful hair, as does Summer, and Ya Ya, all who could use the exposure more than those selected.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    where the h3ll is my comment? this site is officially wack!!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    Halle Berry is more blacker than c.a.s.s.i.e. , she has a white mother and im sure white folks would be in a uproar if Halle berry modeled for white hair produts… they wouldnt like it… and where in the heck is kim porter when you need her?

  • Cuda Love!

    Sorry Ca.SSIE No …You have what some of my simple a.ss ppl call “GOOD HAIR” ..SO YOU DONT Rep blk kinky Swarthy hair …Where iz India Irie when you need her? ..She reps our type of hair!
    Total complete Fail!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    Thats just like the magazines, i quit buying a lot of the black hair mags because they have a lot of articles about hair growth formulas and the model have weave on so thats spreading false hope to the ones who actually believe that hair oil will make your hair grow that long … and the models have on weave!

    • still disagree

      thats the realest comment on this blog. HONESTLY< why do the Black hair mags do that? talking about ..'you too can get this hair with a 1 1/2'' barrel curling iron'….um no, she got that hair because someone WEAVED it in, then curled it.

      stop lieing to people.

  • monikah

    i want lauryn hill – macy gray – whoopi – jill scott – someone with 4a/b/c type hairs!! then i’ll believe – but their products are for those with 3a/b/c types ..

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