Some Swirly Saturday Preciousness With Paula Patton, Robin Thicke And Baby Julian Fuego!

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Paula Patton and her husband Robin Thicke take their baby son Julian for a walk around the East Village, NYC

Well it’s about time we see some pictures of this wittle guy! Paula Patton and hubby Robin Thicke took their son Julian for a stroll around the East Village yesterday.

Paula Patton and her husband Robin Thicke take their baby son Julian for a walk around the East Village, NYC

Paula might wanna have a little chat with Garcelle Beauvais or Victoria Rowell about raising little blonde kids and teaching them how to put sandbox bullies in check because we already see the questions coming a mile away.


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    That aint even the half that child has down syndrome!

    • still disagree

      why are you diagnosing this child with issues it doesn’t have?

      I swear, some people on blogs REALLY go in without any kind of reasoning.


      That’s gonna be a special needs baby like Palin’s lil Trig ,Deal with it jerk!

    • still disagree

      I guess you’re running dna tests in your basement.

      I personally know that I’m not, so I’ll just refrain from making any sort of judgements on what’s ‘wrong’ with their child, unless the parents say something to verify that kind of thinking. SMH

    • STFU

      the child does not haave down syndrome u big fool

    • shynehead

      It sure looks like down’s syndrome…
      When mixing goes wrong… Wowsers!!!

  • MJLover

    OH, but when MJ had little white kids they obviously weren’t his right? Whatever, most of you are a bunch of haters anyhow. NEGATIVE, WARPED MEDIA DASHED WITH FAVORITISM IS SATANS’ SPAWN TACTICS.

    • YourDelusional01

      Ummm, nothing against MJ, but they WERENT his kids, UNLESS they’re some genetic medicine that blocks dominant gene among more than one child cus he had 3!!!!! I think you’re forgetting how MJ looked BEFORE ALL that plastic surgery. He was dark skinned with broad features and a white woman having children with him who HAVE to produce some Afro centric features such as a light-skin or brown complexion, or at least some features that were Afro-centric! MJ WASNT mixed like Paula and have white features!!! So really come on!!!!?????

  • Apple

    Beautiful Family…their son is adorable



  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    I love Paula Patton she is so beautiful

  • RN from Louisiana

    The baby has some form of a genetic anomaly. I do not believe it is Downs Syndrome, b/c the infant can keep his mouth closed & does not seem to have an enlarged tongue


      Down syndrome, and you are a RN and cant tell ?
      I’d fire you, ASAP!

    • RN from Louisiana

      @ Sniffing,
      From “observation”, the infant has some type of genetic anomaly

      I do not have Paula’s amniocentesis results, nor Julian’s DNA report to be able to diagnose or confirm if he has Down Syndrome


      Fair Enough, atleast you honest !

  • lively09

    Lovely family.

  • candyapple

    First off “I ADORE CHILDREN”, of all races,and every child is cute in their own way but i can’t help it,i did think down syndrome when i peeped the first pic.Sorry.😦

  • Whaddidjujusay

    That baby does not have any genetic abnormality other that what we all have… He inherited his droopy eyes from his daddy.

  • wisdom

    Damn. How are people going to diagnose this kid when they don’t know the chkild. It’s obvious their white gene is dominate in this child. Nowadays you can’t predict a child’s complexion.

  • Lauren

    Kendra and Hank Basket baby is still the cutest celebrity baby.

  • Nik NIk

    lil man is sooooooooo cute and he got big so fast.

  • Gymo

    You know that Robin is disappointed, he wanted a tan baby, instead he got a baby that looks like his mother, if you see Robin’s mother you would think it’s her baby they look alike.
    Poor Paula, she wasn’t able to reflect her father in her baby.

  • alex

    soooooooo cute!

  • WiggleParty

    Gymo, you are a bonified ZERO… that is all.

  • Allie

    They are such a beautiful little family, and whether the baby has any type of medical issues or not, regardless he is still adorable as ever, hair’s a little all over the place, but he is still a cute little munchkin

  • YourDelusional01

    LMFAO4 Telling the TRUTH!!!!Now take that Haters, come on, waste your time by trying to put me in my place!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA. LOLOLOLOLOLO! U cant change what THE WORLD SEE’s EVERYDAY!!! BUT, if it makes you feel better: Lets Go!!! LOL. Ape azz kids still by the Male ape Willie Bee/Bea

  • http://google hmmm

    It does seem like bw and wm produce the whitest looking kids

    • Jay

      Also they have the most retarded looking kids too. That kid looks like a spitting image of corky the retard from life goes on.

    • CAN AM

      Jay, that was foul. LOL🙂

    • shynehead

      LMMFAO (while spitting out my drink)
      Oh Sh!t. Waterhead Corky…

  • beyond me

    Wow you guys are mean. …..there are people that have that down syndrome face but don’t have it at all . Drake for instance has droppy eyes and eyebrows (wich i find adorable) and he doesn’t have down syndrome leave their baby along its not yours so why do you care.

  • Trying 2 Survive While Dating

    @ Tami, dont tell tht story EVER again


    • JaZzIe91

      @WithAllHonesty I know right. SMH

  • CAN AM

    I’m amazed at how Paula got her shape back so quick after having that big baby. Girl, you are blessed.

  • Dadon

    Awe he is so cute

  • Sammi

    I guess it’s so true…two attractive people don’t necessarily have attractive children.😐

  • me23

    This baby doesnt have down syndrome its just that white babies look like redarded when they are new born.

    • CAN AM

      That’s foul!! LOL!!!

  • Ariel

    LMFAOOO @Tami thats what your retarded as.s get. But I think over all think bw/wm couples do make lighter babies than bm/ww couples, black guys get angry when you tell them that. My dads black and my moms white I’m caramel I’m darker than Halle Berry, its beautiful though nothing wrong with that. Some black men are in denial. Go adopt some white babies because you can never make them. Thats why my black father left me and my mom because she wasn’t able to give him a lighter baby, some black guys are mentally sick its scary.

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