Caught Creepin’: Joe Budden And Esther Baxter Split Turns Super Ugly After NFL Player Spills About Video Vixen Slurpin’ On The Side While Totin’ A Gut Full…

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Derrick Ward

You will note that Joey mentions Derrick Ward in “OLS” but he goes further in his explanation in this interview:

Derrick Ward

DAMN!!! This ish is serious drama and it sounds like Tahiry is waiting in the wings to take Joe back!


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    • Hannibal


    • isthiswho

      Is this the same Joe Budden that was so desperate he used to sell himself for drugs?

      Is this the same Joe Budden that Somaya Reece blasted about likin it up the butt?


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    • coco

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  • tia

    oh my

    • Used to You Ninjas Now

      If this isn’t the most ghettoist ish ever! This what keeps black folks from getting anywhere-two grown @ss people beefin’ on Twitter. UGH! Joe was completely out of pocket putting her on blast like that. Plus, how do we know those pregnancy tests are hers? And what did he just write this song over night? GTFOH and grow up…SMH

  • The Alchemist

    Now thats some twitter BEEF right thurr!!

  • Naaa

    And upon all this, some b!tch somewhere CAN’T wait 2 be Joe Budde,’s girlfriend!

    Tahiry, Somaya, Esther…..shld I go on? Lmaoooo

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  • Vida

    Y’all know there is always his story, her story, and the truth. Stop getting caught up in this bullisht. There are more important things in the world.

  • 614 Grind

    He’s such a female. How you gon drop homie’s name (Derrick Ward)on your cofession track. FOH

    • ghostwriter

      he sound played and sprung as hell.

  • Ryda4life

    I’t called being Tacky as Hell……

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Fu*cking another man when a woman is pregnant is the most disrespectful thing a woman can do to a man…I can see is another mans di*ck on his child forehead.

    • JayJay Growlings


    • Delight23

      :lol: @ignoranceisbliss; he*l of a soft spot.

  • ProudLatina

    she’s tooo pretty for his ghetto self anyways. Forget him girl!! He’s has too much drama for you.

  • Brown Barbie

    Why do these dudes always try to be hard? Then, he has the nerve to call Tahiry a b#tch. No Joe Budden. YOU ARE THE B*TCH. This dude has a history of beating up on and disrespecting women. And then he tries to turn a hoe into a housewife, gets mad, and comes on the radio like, “It’s whatever.” No n#gga it’s not “whatever”. If it was, your @ss wouldn’t be all on the radio, and all on Twitter spilling all your emotions out like a little b%tch! GTFOH

    • JayP

      You was just blasting him for being disrespectful to chicks then you turned around and said he tries to turn hoes into house wives?
      Contradiction and discredited your entire post.

  • JayJay Growlings

    wow!! that is one unrepentant hoe!!!

  • sha

    Well Joe…. don’t know what to say….Try the church or library next time?….third world country… *shrugs*

    White women? jk y’all

  • LOVE

    Derrick Ward is a cutie…Yum!

  • WithAllHonesty

    Dayumm…Well you chose her…
    People tried to tell you…

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