Lawsuits: Chris Bosh Sues His Baby Mama And “Basketball Wives” Production Company

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Really Chrissy?? You’re suing your baby moms huh?? SMH

Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh is suing the mother of his child who is starring in the third season of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives for infringing his trademark and publicity rights.

The lawsuit filed yesterday in California District Court points out that the VH1 program doesn’t actually show wives of basketball players, but rather women who are dating, or have dated, or have been married to NBA players.

Bosh is claiming that co-defendants Allison Mathis and producer Shed Media are commercially exploiting his likeness and trademark, and the complaint offers an amusing rationale on why Mathis’ appearance doesn’t constitute protected First Amendment expression against Bosh’s purported intellectual property rights:

“The use of Plaintiff’s name by Defendants is primarily commercial and not communicative,” says the lawsuit.

“Further, the show, ‘Basketball Wives,’ is not transformative, but rather the use, depiction, or imitation of celebrity NBA basketball players, including Plaintiff, is the very sum and substance of the show.”

Bosh claims his consent was required for use of his mark — his name — and that the reality show is likely to confuse the public into thinking he authorized or sponsored Basketball Wives. Bosh also claims that the show has wrongfully converted his “life rights” and divulged facts about him that have been harmful and “destroyed” the commercial value of his “life rights.” He’s also suing the defendants for intruding upon his private home life.

Bosh, who signed a lucrative contract as a free agent last off-season and is currently competing in the second round of the NBA playoffs, wants an injunction, disgorgement of profits, and further damages.

Bosh isn’t the first NBA player to call a foul on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Last year, Shaquille O’Neal– who ironically is facing off against Bosh in the 2nd round of the playoffs — threatened his own ex-wife for participating on the show.

Whatever homie, we get that you don’t want to be a part of the show. But something about suing your baby momma just feels…how you say, “BISH-made” but do what you gotta do.



  • brittany

    he must have done somethin to her

    • WTF

      …and this is why he wants to put shut ’em down. Dirt may come out about the new wife too.

    • Greeneyez0712

      Really Chrissy….. LOL

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  • Nana

    Yall know Chrissy and Dwight Howard have been having late nights talk right?

  • Tyler Perry

    Chris call uncle Tyler, (404)478-5395(Isukdyk)and we can discuss this heffa’s nerve over a late night dinner at one of my mansions.

  • Real Issh

    Don’t bring Dwight Howard into this shyt ! Grow up .



  • clarissa

    Tyler Perry done invited Chris Bish over to one his mansion …oh well prepare for the newest basketball wife….why dont you both just get a husband and leave those females alone!!! Chris that law firm is Pimping you ….you are going to have to prove you HAD AND LOST CONTRACTS!!! YOUR LIKENESS …..DO YOU REALLY THINK THE ATTORNEY AND PRODUCER FOR THE SHOW DID NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK .

    Those lawsuits have already distracted you enough! When their attorney depose him re he will leave their office crying like a little girl. YOUR ATTORNEY IS PIMPING YOU!

  • clarissa

    Whoa…Tyler done invited Chris to dinner….new basketball ex wife …lol. Dude your going lose! You can stop her from talking smack…but that loss of income likenesses mess you got prove you HAD and lost a contracts…lol….attorneys big Pimping. CHRIS CAN’T STAND THOSE CORPORATE ATTORNEY DEPOSITIONS ..LOL

  • Nana

    Well @Real ish I did bring Dwight Howard into this AND muhfugga? Gtfoh

  • TriniSazon

    lol @ him having a baby mother& a wife … how youuu doinnn chris!!

  • June

    What people not saying on here that is baby mother do not have to use is name at all because her family is rich

  • Tyler Perry

    Of course the bytches in here side with the unemployed babymomma, what else did you expect from broke azz nothing hoes………

  • TT

    Her family has money, not her.

  • sportstalk23

    Really were at the point where Chris Bosh is suing like Dwight Howard, even if ol girl is on there who in the mainstream is checking for him like that. Besides what’s she gonna say that isn’t already out there, for instance that he maybe gayer than Peter Pan on a pair of ice skates lol

  • SayWhat?

    Chris Bosh is the new face of a b*tch made n*gga!! Really? That woman being on the show has no merit over your potential endorsements but you know what does?…..airing your business for the press to twist anyway they’d like.

  • vinvixx

    suing his baby mother will prevent her from making money off his fame and exposing details of their private life which would affect his money. I say sue her! It kept Royce from using Dwights name on the show! This bishes need to stop tryna find the easy way to fame by using the names of men that they’re “so over or were dogged out by”

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