Look At Me Now: President Obama’s Approval Rating Goes Through The Roof After Bustin’ A Cap In Bin Laden!!

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Obama Cabinet Meeting

Oh happy day!

It must be the “bin Laden bump!”

President Obama was grinning from ear to ear at a White House Cabinet meeting yesterday — and with good reason.

His public support — plagued in recent months by the lackluster economic revival and a national debt crisis — shot up 9 points just one day after he revealed the daring commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden, according to a new poll out yesterday.

The Washington Post-Pew Research Center Poll found that 56 percent of Americans approved of Obama’s job performance in a survey conducted Monday night — just after most Americans heard that Navy SEALs took out the al Qaeda terror chief in Pakistan.

Among those surveyed, only 38 percent disapproved of the commander in chief’s job performance.
By comparison, only 47 percent of voters backed Obama during a similar survey last month, while 45 percent gave thumbs down.

Convening his Cabinet yesterday, Obama looked far from the graying and tired commander-in-chief of recent months, instead sporting the broad-grinned expression that he wore during his days as a young front-runner for the White House in 2008.

Pew researchers said the sudden popularity surge is directly related to voters who giving Obama credit for nailing bin Laden.

For example, voter approval of his handling of the Afghan war and the war on terrorism skyrocketed 16 points and 14 points, respectively. About three-quarters of voters said he deserves at least some credit for eliminating bin Laden.

More specifically, the groups that were essential to the President’s win in 2008 are more than pleased with his performance.

His backing from independents jumped 10 points from last month to 52 percent.

Support among young voters jumped 16 points to 68 percent.

Support from minorities also climbed, 13 points to 80 percent.

It’s good that people are giving the President his just due, but there is still work to be done. We still have issues of gas prices and the economy that could fade these numbers if action is not taken. We support the President 100% and hope that he can get a hold of this the same way he got the Osamanator.

Do you feel differently about President Obama now that he has achieved a huge victory for America???



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    • http://www.mail4success.com Mail4Success.com

      I’m very proud of him!

    • chaka1

      Let’s keep it moving President Obama!

  • cotton124

    Proud to be an American.

  • cotton124


  • cotton124


  • IJS...

    No my opinion of him hasn’t changed…Obama didn’t kill Osama the military did; and why have we still sending troops

    • Frank

      We celebrate the prez because it was his order to go the way that the military went. Th seals wouldnt have done unless the order was given by President Obama, plain and simple. You make it seem that the seals could go out and do whatever they want, whenever they want. If you have been paying attention in the news you would know that all ofthis fell on the prez’s shoulders, so if it went bad then he would have been the goat, but instead he is the man because of that extremely gutsy call.

  • cotton124

    Coming home soon. My Great Grandfather born in 1919.
    Still here.
    Yes, my dear they do come home.

  • Dread

    This lil spike wont last long once the euphoria wears off and people once again see that this was all a diversion method to keep all the million non thinkers from the actual fact that he is inexperience..

    • Frederica Bimble

      Duh! ALL Presidents are “inexperienced” unless they’re serving a second term and even then it isn’t like a “regular” job. Stop parroting the words of others who also don’t know what the hell they’re saying.

  • cotton124


  • cotton124

    Plan B for fuel. Our own,

    someone voted against it look it up. both counts.

    Punching below the belt 24/7

    Vote Obama 2012.

  • Itsbrittneybitch

    All my Obama hatin friends got their azzes shut down!

  • Life

    Obama got gangsta with this operation. Bravo.

  • Mrs. Rance

    I don’t feel differantly about him. I always thought he was the man. I’m happy for him for sh*tting on his naysayers though.

  • luvswiss

    oh man i know some shiz is about to go down..

  • sportstalk23

    We’ll see how long it lasts cuz the last 24 hours the Rethugs have been talking out of their necks trying to take the credit for the Osama gettin smoked. Trust when 2012 gets here it will all be about it was Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield illegal acts that prompted Osama gettin got,already we have seen that lot thanking them not even acknowleding President Obama and his administration.


    Diversion tactic? Fraud? False information? Whatever! I’m not the most patriotic dude nor do I believe the hype/drink the koolaid on everything that comes outta everybody’s mouth. But there comes a time when you gotta realize that the ‘Prez’ is playin’ chess while the rest of these politicians are playin’ checkers. Dude was cool as a fan knowing all along what was about to go down… he was at the W.H. correspondence dinner telling jokes and clownin’ Donald Trump just a few hours before pulling this sh*t off. SMH@ the clowns that just can’t give edict where it’s due…

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