Look At Me Now: President Obama’s Approval Rating Goes Through The Roof After Bustin’ A Cap In Bin Laden!!

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Obama Cabinet Meeting

Oh happy day!

It must be the “bin Laden bump!”

President Obama was grinning from ear to ear at a White House Cabinet meeting yesterday — and with good reason.

His public support — plagued in recent months by the lackluster economic revival and a national debt crisis — shot up 9 points just one day after he revealed the daring commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden, according to a new poll out yesterday.

The Washington Post-Pew Research Center Poll found that 56 percent of Americans approved of Obama’s job performance in a survey conducted Monday night — just after most Americans heard that Navy SEALs took out the al Qaeda terror chief in Pakistan.

Among those surveyed, only 38 percent disapproved of the commander in chief’s job performance.
By comparison, only 47 percent of voters backed Obama during a similar survey last month, while 45 percent gave thumbs down.

Convening his Cabinet yesterday, Obama looked far from the graying and tired commander-in-chief of recent months, instead sporting the broad-grinned expression that he wore during his days as a young front-runner for the White House in 2008.

Pew researchers said the sudden popularity surge is directly related to voters who giving Obama credit for nailing bin Laden.

For example, voter approval of his handling of the Afghan war and the war on terrorism skyrocketed 16 points and 14 points, respectively. About three-quarters of voters said he deserves at least some credit for eliminating bin Laden.

More specifically, the groups that were essential to the President’s win in 2008 are more than pleased with his performance.

His backing from independents jumped 10 points from last month to 52 percent.

Support among young voters jumped 16 points to 68 percent.

Support from minorities also climbed, 13 points to 80 percent.

It’s good that people are giving the President his just due, but there is still work to be done. We still have issues of gas prices and the economy that could fade these numbers if action is not taken. We support the President 100% and hope that he can get a hold of this the same way he got the Osamanator.

Do you feel differently about President Obama now that he has achieved a huge victory for America???



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