Why Are We Paying People To Make Us Look Bad??

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NeNe Leakes Star Jones

The next time a black woman gets salty because some non-black person thinks she’s an expert neck-roller and inflictor of verbal castration, she’d better be sure she didn’t contribute to that stereotype by watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, the hot mess also known as Celebrity Apprentice, Basketball Wives and the Bad Girl’s Club.

Watching any of these shows passively gives credence to the notion that all black women are b*itchy and can’t get along with people, while networks fatten their wallets with ad dollars while we act a fool.

I’m just gonna say it: the women who participate in this coonery are sacrificing the GLOBAL reputations of black women, and once the shows’ producers are done using you *cough* Star Jones and Nene*cough* they’ll move on to the next black woman willing to feed a stereotype for a buck. The previous ‘tools’ will remain “C”- and- “D” listers, and Donald Trump will get richer off of the apparently winning formula of making black women look like they breathe and fart fire. Remember Omarosa? Just barely…right?

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