A Lil Positivity: Obama Declares May 5th As National Day Of Prayer. What Will YOU Be Doing?

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A few weeks ago, on April 29th, Obama, when he wasn’t off killing terrorists, was signing a bill that declared May 5th the National Day of Prayer.

That means, no matter what your religion, your and your fellow countrymen are supposed to come together to pray for the United States. Now, in light of the fact that we’re approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the recent capture of Bin Laden, we’re being encouraged to pray for the country and increased patriotism. With the way Obama has been on a roll, we bet some of you will be out there praying to your Barack shrines all day tomorrow.

If you want to get your prayer on, hit up your local churches and community centers. They’re sure to have something cooked up for tomorrow.

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