SMH: Racist Nosy Neighbors Call One Time Because Of “Anonymous High End Cars” At A Football Player’s House

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Chris Johnson

So, people are still assuming that their rich, Black neighbors are drug dealers in 2011?

TMZ reports Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson was the latest victim of such minding-my-own-damn-business-while-Black profiling.

TMZ has confirmed … the Orlando Police Department got an anonymous “non-specific” tip about high-end cars entering and exiting Johnson’s condo complex yesterday afternoon.

We’re told cops performed a “knock and talk” at Johnson’s Florida residence to follow up on the tip. When cops arrived to Johnson’s home, he was “cooperative” and “cordial” — and in the middle of a shoot for a TV project.

Law enforcement tells us they checked out the scene — and determined there was absolutely nothing illegal about the situation … and left without incident.

Moments after cops walked out the door, Johnson tweeted, “Y did the police just walk in my condo saying they think it’s drug activity because it’s alot of traffic but it was the MTV camera crew.”

He added, “Hard being young, black and rich.”



  • jessica

    Damn shame

    • kate810218

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    • E.C. from D.C.

      LOL @ MMOBWB = minding my own business while black.

      See rich people of color ESPECIALLY black people! Don’t matter how rich you are guess what….. YOU’RE BLACK.

  • crackerssuck

    Dang dumb white folks

  • Pearl

    I read this article on TMZ, and I couldnt believe the racist comments posted by whites refering to him being young rich and black. Like racism and profiling dont exist anymore. Shame. SMDH

    • IceT

      I don’t know why you couldn’t believe it.Whitfolks has been racist evrysense they left the ice cold caves of the Caucus Mountains.

  • ReallynotInterested

    And who is shocked by this?

  • white male

    Dude with a mouth full of gold teeth doesn’t exactly scream doctor or businessman.

    • white male

      Ice T you are the real racist

    • jjjj


  • white male

    Dreadlocks and gold teeth doesn’t scream legitimate businessman or doctor but people should mind their own business.

    • Cherie

      Why the hell are you so bothered!?!… “some” white people (I’m not ignorant!) are too quick to jump to negative conclusions when it concerns black people. Mind your damn business..he dress and look anyway he wants. You racist!!..if he was white, had long hair, nosey rings etc you would have nada to say.

    • FTW


    • white male

      some whites look dumb too

  • wishing

    If that is all he got to worry about then he good.

  • Nana

    @White Male comments like that doesn’t Scream Intelligent either!

  • #venisenicole

    this #burns me up… when are we going to become 1 country… o_0

  • noble

    Neighbors can say anything and send the police inside your home for a ‘knock and talk’ to come ‘check out the scene’? Huh? This is legal?

  • Babylove

    Well look at him, Dirty looking hair,he looks gross, I don’t blame them.

  • Bobby d

    U so rich get ur teeth fixed

  • JM@gic

    The same white people that call the cops on young blacks are the same ones that get caught molesting some young kid,so it always comes back around

  • ATL chick

    What “legitimate business man” has NFL player money? VERY few.

    • Reality

      WOOOOOWW!!! Um lets start with the ones who signs the NFL players checks. You know the business men that own the NFL teams…

  • rip Nat Turner

    I see a lot of young boys entering the catholic school down the street. This concerns me. Wonder if the local police will do a knock and talk ?

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