Man Up! Chris Bosh Says That His “Emotions” Made Him Play Like A Chump

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If you saw the Heat and Celtics game on Saturday, you probably couldn’t sleep thinking about Rondo’s jacked up arm. But you also may have noticed that Chris Bish(pun intended) lived up to his name, scoring six points and five rebounds, playing like Kevin Garnett’s basketball wife the whole game. Now, we have an explanation:

“Given all the elements that were out there last night … they were so hyped,” Bosh said. “My emotions got the best of me early on and it kind of dictated what I was doing for the rest of the game.” …

“I was not trusting my game,” Bosh said. “The toughest thing to do in hostile environments is not just to trust your teammates but to trust yourself. Trust things you’ve been doing all your life.” …

“There’s a bunch of things I could’ve done better personally to affect the game more and get myself in rhythm,” Bosh said. “Mistakes teach you more than anything else. Last night’s game was a huge teacher.” …

“I wasn’t relaxing and playing, I play better when I’m just relaxing,” Bosh said. “I have to take the emotions out and play basketball.”

He also may have been cramping and bloated as he’s rumored to be starting his cycle this week. Unless, of course, he’s pregnant.



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