SMH: Plaxico’s Wife Says The Shady Prison Officials Didn’t Tell Him His Daughter Was Born Til 5 Days After The Fact!!!

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It’s a dirty game, we know he’s in jail but damn…

Plaxico didn’t learn that Giovanna was born until she was five days old.

“Randomly, during that period, they weren’t letting him use the phone, so I actually had to write him a letter,” Tiffany says. “I called while I was in labor and I asked the correctional facility to relay that message to him, but they didn’t.”

There were tears in his eyes and the biggest smile when he held his daughter for the first time, when she was three months old, cooing, “Oh my goodness, my little princess, my little princess! Look at her chubby thighs!”

“I think the most emotional I’ve seen him was the first time that he saw Giovanna,” Tiffany recalls. “I didn’t take her up immediately because I wanted her to have some of her shots and everything to be OK. The only thing that he could experience was the pictures that I was sending him.”

Tiffany was overrun with bittersweet emotion.

“It was sad and happy at the same time,” she says. “Because I was so excited and happy for him to see her, but then it was sad in that he’s not home with her. I have to explain everything to him: ‘This is what her personality is like, this is what she’s doing.’ Whereas if he was home, he would know what she’s like, what she does.”

Do you think that the prison officials were wrong for not passing along the message to Plaxico? Do you think they did it on purpose??


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