World Of Lies: Pastor Made Up Story About Being A Navy Seal…And Stole The Details From A Steven Seagal Flick!

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lying pastor

After Operation: Shoot Osama In The Facehole, Navy SEALS are becoming the coolest group of people in America. Everybody is trying to get in on the shine. Newspapers and magazines are swallowing up army vets to tell their stories of bravery and triumph. Unfortunately, when these stories get told, some people get caught in their own lies.

When the Pennsylvania Patriot-News wrote a story on Jim Moats, a pastor at Christian Bible Fellowship Church in Newville, Pennsylvania, a little fact-checking proved that Moats was lying about his glory. For five years, he would tell his congregation about his stories as a SEAL. It turns out that most of these stories came either from Steven Seagal or the movie GI Jane.

Dude even ran around with a medal of honor that he bought at a surplus store. That’s foul. We wonder how his congregation is feeling about all of this.

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