Hi Hater: Murking Of White Supremacist By 10-Year-Old Son Brings Light To America’s Neo-Nazis

- By Bossip Staff

Jeff Hall with his youngest daughter

Last week we told you about the racist father of five who was allegedly shot to death by his 10-year-old son, who was being raised to follow his Neo-Nazi dad’s beliefs. That shocking crime is now bringing to light more information about the “victim” and the organization where he served as a leader.

The New York Times ran a feature story on this guy, and after reading it we decided to share some of the “choice” words and images that continue to exist in this so-called “post-racial America.”

For those of you who are not already aware, Jeff Hall was a father of five — the son who is accused of killing him was the only boy and the oldest of his children. He lived in Riverside, CA and had been involved in a custody battle with his first wife, the mother of his first two children. Hall was also a leader of the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi group in the U.S. with some 400 members. Based in Detroit, the group is led by a man named Jeff Schoep who calls it part of the “white civil rights movement.”

“If we’re a hate group,” said Mr. Schoep in an interview, “then Martin Luther King is a racist or a bigot also.”

Hall was a budding politician himself, earning 28% of the vote when he recently ran for a seat on a local water district. We’re not sure if he shared his love of politics with his son — but he was teaching him to be wary of the darker-skinned folks on the South side of our border.

Illegal immigration has also emerged as a potent neo-Nazi talking point, and Mr. Hall relished heading to the desert on armed “border patrols.” He organized his members and spent his plumbing proceeds on night-vision goggles and ham radio licenses. Mr. Hall also bragged that he was teaching his son to use night vision equipment and shoot a gun.

Apparently his son wasn’t the only one being indoctrinated either.

At a recent meeting, Mr. Hall showed a video he had made of the national gathering in New Jersey and the brawl. As the end credits rolled, a version of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played, with modified lyrics.

“The white man marches on!” it said.

One of Mr. Hall’s young daughters was watching through a screen door and chimed in.

“I love that song, Daddy,” she said.

At a meeting the day before he was shot, Mr. Hall hoisted a swastika banner, not far from his newborn’s bassinet. His 10-year-old son listened as Mr. Hall spoke of finding rotting bodies on the border and discussed fears of being attacked with “AIDS-infected blood” if the group was to rally in San Francisco.

Oh and just to be clear about what Hall wanted out of life, before he was killed he told interviewers:

“I want a white society,” Mr. Hall said. “I believe in secession. I believe in giving my life for secession.

When you hear those Birthers and shady Republicans in Arizona, Idaho, Alaska and all across Congress and the Senate talk that sh*t about the President and immigrants and whoever else they decide to condemn, know that these people are the ones they are talking to and they are buying it all wholesale. SMH!

Photos from National Socialist Movement conventions, rallies and “baby showers” below:

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  • SexyChic

    Eww, Riverside CA = the cesspool of Socal and the originating breeding grounds for “the hills have eyes” residents. If they could guarentee that their ilk would remain in the “IE” and San Bernadino I would 2000% support their seccession!! “White man marches on…to hell’s backdoor aka Riverside, CA” idiot.

    • samsung

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  • maru-chan

    Can’t say I’m surprised that these backward azz white folk still think like that.

    White people are planet Earth’s minority group, it makes sense for them to have an inferiority complex. Oh well!

  • ChloMo

    Well look like his son did us a favor…It is sad that our country is falling to pieces and ppl still think like he did. Soldiers of all races are dying for our freedoms and we cannot seem to get our ish together…SMH

    • IceT

      So what soldiers of all colors has been fighting wars in this country.Since the revolution war days so you’re not saying nothing special.

  • resurrected

    It really didn’t say why the son killed the father.

  • Veve

    The only good redneck is a dead redneck.

  • confidently_ugly

    hate always consumes you..consumed this mans life

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    LMBAO @ fat azz Amber poolside pictures.
    You go girl !

  • http://www.fabeweavesbydebbie.com Debbie

    That was a hell of a flag on that duplex tail in the water…lol! Well, his son did something so prolific maybe it’s time that people like that realize with the changing of the times this can’t be forced and taught….they have their own minds smh now if they can just have rebels like that for the Tea Party Brain Washers!

  • girl x

    Well, his son probably had friends of different races when he was with his mom, and knew what his dad did was wrong.. Sad that the boy was so young. I hope his dad is rotting as we speak…

    • IceT

      Thats the kind of bull sh*t you would love to believe.

  • LatinaSabrosa

    I HATE THESEEEE GUYYSS!! They are all over Riveside CA!!! Ignorant Skinheads. We need to Unite and KICK THEIR NAZI ARSES!!!

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      I was in the Race war in 92′ in Upland, Ca. blacks n mexicans UNITED and we were throwing skinheads in the dumpster lol!! werd up….We made the front page too…That was when I first left Upland Jr. high….

      Not to mention me and the homie “Sam Bone” from pomona socked up a few on market st in the Riv……….werd up!

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      I still feel sorry for the young boy though……He is in Public school with many different cultures. He was most likely torn in between his parent Ideology and Lil weezy with his homies at school….Rap prolly told him to POP A CAP in the FACE of HATE!

    • LatinaSabrosa

      aww man My mother wouldnt let us go outside that time! I remember those riots her friend came back with 2 suitcases full of nik naks, shirts plates and everything LOL I miss pomona, Im glad you did that to those damn skinheads!!! Uggh they make me sick!! I knew U where an OGπŸ™‚

  • c

    It’s sad that thier hate will prevent them from eternal bliss in heaven…

  • momo

    If u don’t want other races here …..WHY Didn’t y’all just leave us on our damn continents and islands back in the day then! Smh

    • Iyan

      I would think the question should be “Why didn’t they stay where they were?”

    • FTW


  • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

    These krakkers are nothing but Tea Spoon of Milk in this world now!

    Because of who they are and what is in their Nature, for them to TRY and SURVIVE while the blk n brwn population grows…Is to either INTERGRATE….or commit violent acts in the name of thier survival lol!!

    Nazi’s too will not exist soon…They know that, so they are training, starting militias shyt like that, they are in FEAR cause they think we will take revenge for the 400+ of crimes they have done to people of color lol!!

    Their reproduction rate is LOOOOWWWWWW too lol

    They call them CAUCASIANS- Weak blood, weak bones, weak skin, weak hearts….While the SUN kills them, we get vitamins from the SUN….And who are the IMMIGRANTS again??

    LMAO….Gat Turner is off the hook!!!

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!



  • rene

    There is nothing wrong wit being proud of your race,however teaching hate because of another’s skin color (which we are not responsible for ,God is) is the major problem.What would have happened if God made everyone Blind and wit straight hair BUT we were all different colors?

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      I’m sorry “GOD” is responsible for HATE???

      You gonna have to prove that spooky stuff!

      Humans have “FREE WILL” angels don’t

      The free will to hate, s also a concious choice….We all have different IDEALS of God…me: He is A MAN, I am made in his Image…A BlackmanπŸ™‚

      science & mathematics 360 degrees!

    • rene

      No sir, I ment God is responsible for Our skin color. LOL, Not hate. So when we judge another’s color we are only judging God.

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      The NEW BLACK PANTHERS would role these fools up!!!

      Peace to Attorney Shabazz!

  • jag

    We all know these types of people exist, yet we still waste much of our time fighting amongst ourselves. Black men against women and vies versa. SMH



  • Gymo

    Quote: “I believe in giving my life for secession.”

    Well his son took him seriously and separated him from the living.πŸ™‚

  • 50's BACK

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Lele

    White people = animals they kill their young and their young will kill them. Just like animals.

  • Phyre

    If they are the real minority and we are the real choosen ones, then why do we help feed the negativity? We are always bashing and criticizing our own race and comparing our standards against white folks.

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      white folks don’t know the components of OPPRESSION…They were not stripped of everything and implemented someone elses NATURE!

      Like us…so that my friend is the cause.

      Self hate was implanted in us and made to last well into 2014!

      It is SCIENCE ‘PHYRE’ peep it!

  • Tookool

    And the world became a better and more peaceful place the moment his son sat down the gun!

  • E$

    That 10yr old just became my hero lol

  • Palest Latina

    Nazis have never left they are protecting our borders from the vast, unwashed hordes invading from south of the border.

    • LatinaSabrosa

      Hey PalePancakeButt…Since you are Oh so pale and beautiful and worship your white ancestors…..How bout you go play with some Nazi overthere in Riverside California and let them tell you if you’re considered part of their superior race??? I’ll give you a ride…πŸ˜€ aint that a great idea??

    • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

      A T-totally good Idea lol!!

  • lmeh love meh


  • Daisy Jay

    If they hate other races so much, THEY need to go back to where THEY came from! Wtf, you brought everybody here, but hate them.


    • SayCheese

      Exactly. I don’t understand that at all. But once nazis leave the US. they found out their thinking doesn’t work. Plus they won’t have free speech like they do here in the States. The Father land Germany. They don’t play that crap. You get sent to jail for even saying hitlers name.

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