Hi Hater: Murking Of White Supremacist By 10-Year-Old Son Brings Light To America’s Neo-Nazis

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Jeff Hall with his youngest daughter

Last week we told you about the racist father of five who was allegedly shot to death by his 10-year-old son, who was being raised to follow his Neo-Nazi dad’s beliefs. That shocking crime is now bringing to light more information about the “victim” and the organization where he served as a leader.

The New York Times ran a feature story on this guy, and after reading it we decided to share some of the “choice” words and images that continue to exist in this so-called “post-racial America.”

For those of you who are not already aware, Jeff Hall was a father of five — the son who is accused of killing him was the only boy and the oldest of his children. He lived in Riverside, CA and had been involved in a custody battle with his first wife, the mother of his first two children. Hall was also a leader of the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi group in the U.S. with some 400 members. Based in Detroit, the group is led by a man named Jeff Schoep who calls it part of the “white civil rights movement.”

“If we’re a hate group,” said Mr. Schoep in an interview, “then Martin Luther King is a racist or a bigot also.”

Hall was a budding politician himself, earning 28% of the vote when he recently ran for a seat on a local water district. We’re not sure if he shared his love of politics with his son — but he was teaching him to be wary of the darker-skinned folks on the South side of our border.

Illegal immigration has also emerged as a potent neo-Nazi talking point, and Mr. Hall relished heading to the desert on armed “border patrols.” He organized his members and spent his plumbing proceeds on night-vision goggles and ham radio licenses. Mr. Hall also bragged that he was teaching his son to use night vision equipment and shoot a gun.

Apparently his son wasn’t the only one being indoctrinated either.

At a recent meeting, Mr. Hall showed a video he had made of the national gathering in New Jersey and the brawl. As the end credits rolled, a version of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played, with modified lyrics.

“The white man marches on!” it said.

One of Mr. Hall’s young daughters was watching through a screen door and chimed in.

“I love that song, Daddy,” she said.

At a meeting the day before he was shot, Mr. Hall hoisted a swastika banner, not far from his newborn’s bassinet. His 10-year-old son listened as Mr. Hall spoke of finding rotting bodies on the border and discussed fears of being attacked with “AIDS-infected blood” if the group was to rally in San Francisco.

Oh and just to be clear about what Hall wanted out of life, before he was killed he told interviewers:

“I want a white society,” Mr. Hall said. “I believe in secession. I believe in giving my life for secession.

When you hear those Birthers and shady Republicans in Arizona, Idaho, Alaska and all across Congress and the Senate talk that sh*t about the President and immigrants and whoever else they decide to condemn, know that these people are the ones they are talking to and they are buying it all wholesale. SMH!

Photos from National Socialist Movement conventions, rallies and “baby showers” below:


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