Here We Go Again: Newt Gingrich Is The Latest Republican Presidential Hopeful Popping Yang

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Newt Gingrich hasn’t been in the running for the White House 24 hours, and he’s already back to throwing darts at President Obama.

And, of course, he chose Faux News as his platform of hate. During an interview with Sean Hannity, which ended up really being Newt’s first campaign commercial, he said the only thing that would win President Obama a re-election would be money. “He can’t afford to run in a fair election,” Gingrich explained. “If he was on an equal playing field, he’d lose on his record, on his values, on his beliefs.” He also accused President Obama of using scare tactics on the American people.

What?! Do these Republicans live in a parallel universe? Weren’t the “Axis of Evil” and “Weapons of Mass Desctruction” scare tactics?

Sadly, this isn’t even the first time this year that Gingrich has been popping off at the mouth about our President.

In April when he first started hinting at his candidacy, he called Obama a “perfectly fine, extraordinarily brilliant, sadly shallow, left-wing activist who has never yet become president. He’s the only permanent candidate we’ve ever had in the White House,” he added. During that same speech, he also blamed President Obama for the high cost of gas and oil… as if those haven’t been constants since his homie W was in office.

In February, he wanted the President impeached for not enforcing the Republicans’ Defense of Marriage Act banning gay marriage. This fool even had something to say about President Obama’s March Madness bracket.

This is a case of someone who has really convinced himself of his own bullsh*t. In 09, he was warning folks that Obama would become a dictator and last year he called him a “Kenyan, anti-colonial con-man.” And he really believes that’s who he’ll be running against in 2012.


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