SMH: Shady Tabloids Tried To Sneak Pics Of Dem Babies While They Were In The Hospital

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Poor little Monroe and “Roc”:

On Tuesday evening a woman from the Department of Child Protective Services showed up at the hospital while Carey was breastfeeding babies Monroe and Roc. The twins are just finishing up their stay in the NICU. Carey has stayed with them in the hospital following her C section and a minor infection.

The civil servant told Cannon she was following up a claim of neglect, of all things. The specifics: Carey was accused of drinking and taking pain meds while breastfeeding!
Of course the real story was that a nurse on the floor had suggested Carey drink half a Guinness Stout in order to hasten production of breast milk. Mariah did just that and it worked. But someone in the unit sold her out, so to speak, hoping the social worker could get a picture of the babies for the tabs. Luckily no pictures were allowed.

Carey and Cannon, horrified, explained the situation. “Taxpayer money was wasted, too, because this was labeled an emergency. It was ridiculous.” Meanwhile, mom and kids, healthy and wiser now, head home shortly.




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    I can’t seem to get used to the lows ppl will go to be grimey. That’s an all time low. SMH!!!

  • right

    someone is WAY outta pocket for this one. gutter acts get gutter returns.

  • MrsME2

    tHE HELL kinda names are Monroe and Roc…Who is Monroe if she had a boy and girl…sheesh these celebs now days with these dag on kid names!!!

    • free

      monroe (girl) and morocco (boy). you know she had to go all out.

    • Nicole

      The girls nam is Monroe and the boy is actually named Morrocan…Yeah :/

  • Bianca

    She had the kids then huh. Whoever told should be FIRED!!!

  • MrsME2

    Yes and who ever put out this vicious lie should be fired on the spot!!

  • JayJay Growlings

    wow. just because they dont wanna have to pay 2mill for a photo of babies they make a false claim… those f_ckers better get arrested!!

  • 4wrdbby

    course mariah would have a c-section lmao

    • PRETTY

      u clearly dont have kids boo…lets see u have a set of twins over the age of 40 and see if they pop out your cooch with no complications….also majority of women that have mulitle births are via c-section….*rolls eyes*

    • NickyLee

      Your an idiot

    • TK

      I have had 3 pregnancies. Da first 2 being boys and the third being twin girls. The 1st two I had them naturally but with the twins I had 2 have a c-section because 1 twin was blocking da pa.s.s.age. Don’t b so quick to judge. Also because of her age it is riskier for her to have them naturally.

  • Uguess

    Somebody needs to loose their job!

  • Nikki

    There are some real dirty motherf*ckers in this world, this lady is supposed to be enjoying her newborns and someone pulls this sh*t. I hope they sue the h*ll out of everybody and take everything that they have and give it to charity. ugggh!!

  • 50's BACK

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    That is nothing compared to how Nick is going to exploit them.

    • brittany

      yep u know by the time they’re 2 they gon be on his lil shows and shit

  • Brittney

    just wait a few weeks. they will sell pics of the babies soons.. follow me on twitter @iluvmine

  • Tcity

    Leave them alone!!!!!!!

  • brown suga

    SMDH,people are evil…..

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