Racist And Sexist At The Same Damn Time: Journalist Says Serena Williams’ Thickness Was Asking To Get Stalked

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Apparently, Serena Williams’ insistence of showing off her goods makes it her fault that people stalk her.

Greg Couch, journalist for Sporting News, wrote an article with the title “Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter Pic, in Bra and Panties, she took down after Half Day” insinuates that Serena’s use of a lingerie picture on her Twitter page is hypocritical. Basically, he thinks that if she’s going to complain about being stalked, then she should stop showing off her body.

To be honest, I would actually find it to be somewhat artistic if it weren’t for the serious business of stalking women. What was her message anyway? What was she trying to say? Just this: Look at me.

Instead, what she was saying was this: Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.


Couch apparently believes that if a woman is going to show off her body, it’s within everyone’s rights to stalk her. Sexist? Check.

Now for the racist part. Couch said that pictures of white athletes like Anna Kournikova aren’t as “gritty” as Serena’s. That’s just code for “Serena’s more shapely figure is more disturbing than the pictures of the skinny white girls.” Get this man a clue please.

Read his whole article here.

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