Did Evelyn’s New Salary Cut Into The Promotions Budget For Basketball “Wives” Season 3

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Basketball Wives Season 3

Something doesn’t look quite right about the new promo photo for Season 3 of Basketball Wives. Do you see it?

We could tell someone got heavy handed with the photoshopping as soon as we looked at this. But it took us a second to realize exactly what they did.

Take a look at LAST season’s promo photo:

Basketball Wives Season 2

Yikes. How difficult could it have been to get these seven broads into the same room for a picture?

Aside from the positions the “ladies” are sitting or standing in, there is one other difference from last year’s photo though. The two actual wives we were introduced to at the beginning of last season – Kim Russell and Juli Ritchmond, who we barely saw on the show – are apparently no longer a part of the cast.

Suzi’s still hanging in there though. Despite all her on-camera griping, she still hasn’t managed to walk away from the paycheck the B.S. and drama.

As for the new girl…

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