To Whom Do These Khaki Clad Cakes Belong???

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries looking at real estate in Miami

Name That Donk… As if it couldn’t have been more obvious! Kimmy Cakes hit up Miami this week with boyfriend Kris Humphries and her publicist Jonathan Cheban to look at some new property. Must be nice.

Kim Kardashian wears a tight-fitting, geometrically patterned dress as she arrives with boyfriend Kris Humphries and publicist Jonathan Cheban for dinner at Zuma in Miami, FL.

After a long day of checking out beach-front cribs, Kris took Kim out to dinner at Zuma. Um, is this just a bad angle or do we need to put her on gut full of human notice?



  • TIT_4_TAT

    Plz tell me why this WHYTE girl is always on this BLACK site. Just doesn’t make since to me

    • mm

      Cause of the low self esteem black males. She reminds them of their mother,grandmother, sisters and nieces.

    • oppomp5

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  • Balls D**p

    I’m sorry.. I would do all kinds of freaky shyt to this bytch.

    • Cam


    • kalifa

      and she’d be like “been there, done that with rayj and ’em” :( *yawn*

  • mary

    Kris looks good in these pictures. His “black side” is showing with these curly locks and olive complexion.

  • mm

    One of her butt cheeks is bigger and lopsyed, check

  • huh lisa

    His black side hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what black side?his skin is whiter than hers. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh god..stomach cramp

  • 50's BACK

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  • Nana

    Post ma sh!t……!

    Well I think they look FAB together…..Reggie who?

  • EZRawlins

    Here we go again: ANOTHER Kim K. post. What is up with this site’s obsession with this woman? Is it because she’s dated Black guys? I mean, she IS attractive and all, but so are some other white chicks,m so WHY obsess about this one? Every friggin’ day there’s a new post about this chick. Her life is not so interesting as to warrant THIS MUCH attention!

    Been seeing so much of her that now I’m turned OFF by her. Still think she’s hot, but the penchant for those ridiculous heels…can’t see how guys – especially athletes – would wanna hang with someone who can’t walk for more than 2 blocks…

  • TaTa

    She is famous for sexing a black guy, she gets famous and he gets no love….. typical!
    Don’t get the fuss with this girl, she really isn’t all that!

  • Honut Sinti

    I thought it was Kanye.

  • Ashley

    WOW she be going H.A.M. ON that fake TAN she darker than me and Im black lol.

    • ololololol

      really lol? i mean she probably does fake tan, but im about 3 shades darker than that and im 1/2 white, 1/2 native. youre light! but then again white people are always thinking im part black (big curly hair + tan means only one thing to most people lol)and i am quite active outdoors.


    She looks pregnant.

  • blackscome1st

    I know, every body wants to be black these days. :)

    • starlite

      I agree! That’s because everyone knows Black is Beautiful.

    • kalifa

      everyone wants to LOOK black, TALK black and have swagger like black folks….. :)

      i’m guessing they could do without the racial profiling

  • starlite

    Kris, please don’t forget to get tested !….”Oh Ray! My p***y is gonna explode!”-Kim Kardashian

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