Gallery: Diana Ross And Her Seeds Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Daughter Chudney’s New Bookstore

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Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Raif Ross Kendrick, Ross Arne Naess, Chudney Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross, and Evan Ross 2

The entire Ross clan came out to support their sister Chudney for the grand opening for her new store Books & Cookies…

Flip through to peep some of Diana’s seeds….


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I had no idea she had so many children. Nice looking family.

    • London Girl

      lol Neither did I!!!
      As you said, nice looking family

    • Cam

      lmfaooooo @ pic 3

    • hair

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  • justanote

    Love, love, love this. Great show of family support. The baby looks like he the “be all”. Congrats Chudney! And congrats to you Diana, it’s looks like you did a great job.

  • Nicole

    Great pic! Love the Ross family!

  • opal

    Rhonda was on one of my favorite soap operas back in the day. Tracey and Evan are popular actors, but I have never heard anything about Ross or Chudney. Nice family though, but Rhonda needs to see a hair dresser stat!!!

    • RHONYC

      my mother was obssessed with D.R. OBSESSED! then i finally realized recently that i was actually named after her eldest daughter by Barry Gordy (which she denies, although, she was born a few months B4 me).saying that…i always liked di’s family and the fact that in interviews, the kids always said, she was ‘DIANA ROSS’ on stage but always mom at home, alway made me smile :-)

  • clarissa

    Diana Ross True Diva and Star.

    Five daughters! Oh well their father’s name or seed wont be carried on!

    • London Girl

      I only see 3 daughters! And children are a blessing; male or female. Very silly comment . . . just saying

    • AMBER


      i heard her name was actually Diane Not Diana.

  • TheBlackMaleHitler

    That is one ugly family. Diana and Traci are the only eye candy, they are a 5 out of 10. This is the result of a black women, and white man having kids, they produce some weird, monster looking kids. At least black men, and white women have cute kids.

    • Cherie

      Oooooohhh…you sound bitter!!! Oh,’s only black men who are allowed to reproduce out of the race..God damn if a black woman chooses to do it. The important bit is..her children are happy!! end of.

  • Alexis

    Sorry, but this family isn’t very attractive. At least not by Hollywood standards.


    Why are they all so peculiar looking?

    I swear her children look like something that should be leading me through a strange adventure in an enchanted forest.

  • Daisy Jay

    Nice family, but I’m wondering what’s going up with Don King’s twin in the corner with the baby, DONNA QUEEN

  • Daisy Jay

    going on*


    I like the name of the business.
    Good luck with it Chudney.

  • JourneyGirl

    That one she had with Berry Gordy is heavy on the Gordy genes.

  • Mememe

    DIANE(A)has had kids with:

    A Black Dude, A Jew Dude, and a White Dude, she got AROUND!

  • kay

    good for her. now an improtant question, what the hell is evan wearing?

  • whatisgoingon

    cute kids are not always the product of black men and white men getting together either. Your children are going to look like the parents or their parents siblings, I do not care how mix you are. No disrespect to Tiny, but she is the product of a black man and white woman. When you mix features from various races, sometimes its ok and sometimes its not. Other than that, black people lets show that we are not that superficial by commenting on looks all the time. We are called monkeys all day everyday, so we know what it is like to have our looks on display and people judging ungraciously.

    • London Girl

      I like your comment, and agree!

      btw didn’t know that Tiny was mixed race!? You learn something new eeeeeeeeveryday lol

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