Jesse James Is Still Popping That Yang About Sandra Bullock

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Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

This dude here!

As he continues to promote the book no one cares about because he did America’s Sweetheart dirty, Jesse James has now accepted that he ain’t sh*t while in the same breath kind of blaming Sandra Bullock for his cheating… and calling her a fake.

“I don’t think Sandy and I were ever really friends,” says James, who is now engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D. He says that he and Von D have “a deeper understanding” of each other.

“Kat and I seem to be connected on, like, such a higher level,” says James. “I’ve never had someone like have my back 100%, you know?”

At that point, Morgan brings up Bullock’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, in which the actress said to her then-husband, James: “There’s no surprise that my work got better when I met you, because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back.”

James quickly counters, claiming Bullock “said that same speech at four different award shows.”

When Morgan asks if James is accusing Bullock of being insincere, James asks Morgan what Bullock does for a living.

“Movie stuff,” answers Morgan.

“Yes, what?” asks James.

“An actor,” replies Morgan.

“Oh, OK, cool,” James retorts.

What a jerk! Especially since he did his fair share of acting during the interview too. Because no one who made the comments above could say this and mean it:

“I should have did the honorable thing,” Jesse James tells CNN’s Piers Morgan. “I should have left her, you know? If I wanted to screw around, I should have, you know, ended it.”

“I’m 100% to blame,” continues James. “I take full accountability for my actions, you know? No one was holding a gun to my head to do what I did.”

Yeah, Jesse James gets the perpetual side-eye from us.



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