Alicia Keys FINALLY Denies Being A Homewrecker: “We Didn’t Start Seeing Each Other Until After They Separated”

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Alicia Keys

Lies… it was all a pack of lies!!! Or at least that’s what Alicia Keys wants us to believe. The philanthropic singer/producer and actress finally addresses the whole messy homewrecking situation in her June 2011 ESSENCE magazine cover story.

Was the situation messy? Undoubtedly. But Keys denies she did anything wrong. “Everything was in order,” she says firmly. “We didn’t start seeing each other until after they had been separated for months.” Keys points out that up until now we’ve heard only one side of this three-sided story. “I was very aware of all the false things that were being said about me,” she says measuring each word. “And it definitely hurt. But I was sure that if I engaged, it would become a back-and-forth like some sort of sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe in and only would have made things worse. Of course, people will believe what they want to believe. But I know the truth will shine through.

Alicia’s bestie Erika Rose (same chick some folks thought she was lezzbunned up with for the longest) is also on hand to chime in about her “character.”

“Alicia doesn’t get involved in tit for tat,” she says. “In fact, sometimes it’s kind of annoying. Like in those moments when I want to engage in a little girl chat, say about someone’s outfit, Alicia will never join in. I’m like, ‘Can you just have fun with me for two seconds and talk about how ridiculous she looks?’ She doesn’t participate. That’s just who she is.”

Well let’s just anoint her Saint Alicia already!

Alicia closes this portion of the interview by saying:

“Things are really good now. Kasseem is very present in his children’s lives. I wouldn’t be able to love him otherwise. We’re doing what’s best for the children. That’s always been the most important thing. I look forward to helping them shine. They are all so phenomenal and I love them so much.

Sounds like somebody got the last word on the subject… or at least what she hopes is the last word.

Here’s a couple more quotes…

Swizzy on his wife’s many talents:

“My wife’s music is on par with the greats like Marvin and Stevie. She’s ahead of her time.”

Alicia on their relationship:

“Our relationship definitely grew from a friendship. It’s really beautiful to be understood without a lot of excess talking. With Kasseem, I can be my true self, and he can be his true self and we shine equally. When we are in the same room, nobody falls in the shadow.”

Uh, we don’t know about that one. Homegirl may have some self esteem issues if she doesn’t realize she’s the bigger star in that relationship.

Oh well. Alicia also reveals that her son Egypt was named in honor of an inspirational trip she took to the North African nation.

You can pick up the issue on stands now.

What do y’all think?


  • Ms. Gottabody


    • AMBER

      she not lying, shes trying to defend the un-defendable. he has 4 kids by 4 diffrent mothers. shes being naive.

    • Cali335

      People, please learn how to spell.

    • AMBER

      wth, un-defendable is not even a word. i just made it up.

    • Sonya

      She’s not a tramp and if she says she’s not a homewrecker then she’s not. Just because the ex wife says she is, well that still doesn’t make it true. Ex should have been worried about the other women before Alicia. Oh but I forgot Mashonda wanted to boost her career with this one. Sad.

  • sexii_dreadhead

    Who knows wat the truth really is but WHO REALLY CARES, their issues are public entertainment! Wish all of them the BEST!!

    • Well Damn!

      Man you keep saying intelligent thing like this and they might block you for fear people might agree :)…Love it!

  • TIT_4_TAT

    ALL THAT’s SUM BS and she knows it. She’s supposed to be a role model for young woman. So now it ok for them to date Married men B4 there divorced. Well I guess it’s ok I never buy her music anyway or bootleg it.

    • minerva

      isn’t it nice that you all know her business better than she?!!?
      shady people BELIEVE that everyone else is as shady as they are….
      its also nice that you all are so moral, upstanding and
      virtuous- yeah right!

  • HOT G.R.I.T.S


    I hope she can keep him satisfied even Halle can’t keep a man. Sometimes beauty is not enough to keep a relationship going

    As long as the kids r happy……I guess

  • NL

    ALICIA PLEASE! Take a look back at an interview she did on Tyra. She said she was dating someone. She was in love or something but she couldn’t say who it was. Or she wouldn’t say who it was. It wasn’t Krucial bc she made it clear that they split. Swizz and AK were messing around. That wasn’t a secret…

  • Ummm.. NO~

    We dont believe you…you need more people. I really want to believe Alicia, but she made a liar out of herself. LOST a great fan. I remember seeing all these pics of them together for the longest when he was still married…so I dont think so…try again!

  • Millz

    I think folks should mind their business… Whether she’s right or wrong in our eyes makes no difference in either of the two of their lives!! People who are non-factors in situations always seem to have an opinion yet are walking on the same path or worse. Let her live her life & let god be the judge of the entire situation.. Get a life of your own people! Better yet.. Put all this attention into something that matter more… Like your kids; community; work ethic (or get a job).etc..etc..

    • Elizblizzle

      WTF hoebag?? It becomes my business when they want my hard earned dollars to buy their garbage. These mofos knew what they were getting into when they signed the first contract, so kill that sh!t you talkin’ homie.

    • Hillary Clinton

      Some life you have…you took the time to post. LLL @you, dumb ho!

  • Blue Moon

    LIESSSSSSS homewrecker keys! Ur musical talent is undeniable tho..but this here is a bunch of liess..*waits 4 Mashonda to go in via subliminal tweets*

  • Slim


  • Just saying..

    When did it become ok for ANYBODY to mess around with a married man or woman? I read her quote she said SEPARATED NOT DIVORCED! I’m not her judge at all I will say KARMA will come back on ya though. BTW: there are no true role models anymore.

    • Sanriobaby =^.^=

      So true! It’s not okay to mess with married but separated men or woman. Alicia USED to be a role model to admire and look up to but not anymore. I can’t believe that she had a kid and married a man who’s know to cheat and has 4 kids by 4 different women. She must think that she’s “special” enough for Swizz to NEVER cheat on her. Good luck with that….

  • yaya

    Typical to act like UR the victim…bs UR a homewrecker

  • Mel

    I have one thing to say. Alicia have never given reason to doubt her charecter, so I believe her, MashondaIs story sounds delusional, consideringall of the other aspects for example the child that was born by the young lady in London. MashondaIs story doesn’t mesh and her recent actions have proven to be less than honest. Alicia has been consistent in her actions and the way that she has carried herself throughout the years. I think that people have been looking for an excuse to hate on her for sometime now and they were never given an opportunity until now, this is why people have been holding on to this like a dog with a bone for over 3 years now, they have nothing else. Alicia is truly blessed and will continue to be. What her friend Erica said confirms what I have always thought of Alicia, she doesn’t get into the fray and that is why she continues to be so blessed. As for the Judgers and the nay sayers, let’s open up your closets and see what falls out(lies, deceit, abortions, stealing, cheating, conniving,etc) I am sure that we would see all of this and then some, so you are not equipped to judge, sorry.

    • LatinaSabrosa

      I completely agree with you!!! I met her and she really is a great lady.

    • Hillary Clinton

      @Cutie – Please school these fools!

    • RareBlackBird

      @Mel, well said!

  • Mentally Waivering

    And she didn’t think that she was one of the main reasons they separated?! No doubt he is trash. He was looking to get it in where ever he could. It just so happened that he snagged her!

    BS Alicia! Grow a pair! Say you played a part in it or Hush! In either case move on! We still bought your album!

  • clarissa

    Rflol at the waiting my turn mentality, He’s my man now mentality. He was not happy at home ignorance. That’s how females end up baby mamas, long suffering wives, in poverty with their children and alone and sick. Married men know the stupid hoe field is wide open….play on players your not at fault Swissz!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I think there is no need to believe Mashonda over Alicia. We don’t know these people. Mashonda said she was still sleeping with Swizzy while he was with Alicia. She didn’t say she was living with him. She said she thought they were working it out, yet she knew he was with Alicia. Who knows or cares?

    • seek2027

      Its obvious you do because everyone and their moma knew this girl was wrong for what she did bottom line she broke up that marriage so get off A. Keys Nuts

    • rene

      Cosign. I am glad Alica got that straighten out.It has definitely changed my perspective of her.

    • carmen

      You know the thing that really preplexes me about Mashonda is she never attacked the chick who had the baby that was clearly born during their marriage. She never said one word about her being a homewrecker…. She stayed with him AFTER he had the first baby by another woman when he was supposed to be with her… but she never did any interviews calling that woman a homewrecker…

      She only had words for Alicia and the reason is simple…Alicia was more famous than both of them and so now she had a platform…

      And for the ppl with all the speculation about what we would do if it happened to us… As a married woman, my problem is with my husband…the man I took vows before God with… if any free p***y can just turn his head like that then we never had a marriage to begin with

    • Mrs. Rance

      Mashonda’s problem with Alicia was that he is with her. Clearly she didn’t mind if he cheated as long as he came home. Whoever he got with after he left her for good was going to suffer her wrath.

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