SMH: “Former Future French Prez” To Be Released On Bail Today As New Allegation Comes From His Ex-Wife’s Goddaughter!!!

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn wife Anne Sinclair released on bail

Another day, another rich mu’fugga proves that money overpowers justice in this country.

Dominique Strauss-Khan will pretty much be a free man before the day is over. Despite the fact that so many things are not only making him look guilty in this situation, but also pointing to the fact that being sexually violent and inappropriate with women is just how he gets down.

Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will leave Rikers Island Friday, trading his prison cell for house arrest, Kathryn Brown reports.

Strauss-Khan’s wife, heiress Anne Sinclair, reportedly already rented a luxurious apartment in Manhattan and will pay the $200,000 a month it will cost to secure her husband inside as he awaits trial.

In court Thursday, Strauss-Khan blew a kiss to his wife and daughter moments after a judge granted him bail.
Under the terms, the fallen banker will pay $1 million dollars bail, another $5 million for a secured bond, and he’ll be confined to home detention with video cameras and ankle bracelet and armed guards ready to restrain him if he tries to leave.

The conditions may be stringent, but prosecutors argued the international diplomat could escape with ease, and that he demonstrated “propensity for impulsive criminal conduct.”

“He has the personal, the political and the financial means to flee and evade law enforcement,” said Assistant District Attorney, Artie McConnell.

Umm, duh! Stevie Wonder can see that one coming. And by the way, his wife is a ride-or-die dummy. Because very few people in the French media or political circles are surprised about this latest scandal.

Despite being a thrice-married father of four, he has for years been surrounded by murmurs of sexual misconduct. Frédéric Lefebvre, an adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy, once wrote that the IMF head “wouldn’t last a week” in an election campaign because of the revelations that would emerge. And Tristane Banon, a 31-year-old French writer and goddaughter of DSK’s second wife, has now claimed that in 2002 she was lured by Strauss-Kahn to an apartment by the promise of an interview and then physically attacked. Her mother, a Socialist party ally of Strauss-Kahn, convinced her daughter to keep quiet, on the grounds such a scandal would be bad for her burgeoning career. When Banon finally told all on a French talk show in 2007, DSK’s name was bleeped out.

An anonymous book published earlier this year in France, entitled DSK: Les secrets d’un présidentiable, characterized the IMF head as “a pleasure seeker” who, “like all great political animals…has trouble controlling himself.” And Danièle Évenou, a French actress, once said in an interview: “Who hasn’t been cornered by Dominique Strauss-Kahn?”

But we’re gonna let THAT guy out of a correctional facility and into a $200,000 penthouse, guarded by all types of pay off-able situations? You can’t be serious…

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