Are You Feelin These Get Ups???

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Angela and Vanessa Simmons Pastry Shoe's "Barbie So In Style" Collection Launch Party

Angela and Vanessa Simmons held a launch party last night in Beverly Hills for their Pastry Shoe’s “Barbie So In Style” Collection.

We know the ladies are all “dolled” up with their little Barbie steez, but are you feelin it???

Check out more shots from the party below:



    Cute but Dawn omg u look terrible boo.#getittogether

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  • 0_o

    Cute concept


    to be honest No, not really

  • Ryan

    i’m sorry but no matter how much make-up they use or how long their hair is, or whatever expensive clothes they’re wearing..these two are still just some plain janes.

  • misszee007

    I like Angelas dress. Its a bit out there, but for the occasion it looks great. The other sisters dress is too over powering and does not suit her well.

    On another gossip page they showed Dawn and her beard lmfao!

  • ladyscholar

    These dresses are life size versions of the doll’s dresses. Taking that into consideration, they look pretty good. You know dolls are inherently over the top.

  • LOL

    LOL they all look like clowns LOL

  • Care

    Did Angela have a nose job…something looks slightly different about her.

  • Artic

    The look kinda scary, here.

  • Amanda

    Get that paper! look great!

  • Daisy Jay

    Wow. For the first time, Angela looks better than Vanessa…

  • Pimpin' Pimpin'

    I’d Hit It

  • Unico

    hmmm Cute…

    I love the SIS line ^_^ glad to see it continue in 2011. You guys should hop onto Flickr and see all the pics people take of the dolls.


    Even the “Barbie Theme” can’t kill the tranny vibe both of them give off.

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    The Simmons sisters look ok, except for the Angela’s black attire. Not sure what the goal was here, but the entire outfit from top to bottom is a miss! Dawn outfit-a better ensemble could have been picked out. The last two ladies in the pic., not sure who they are, but the hair do’s are wrong. In my humble opinion, if you are a celebrity without a sense of style, and you can afford a stylist, I think it’s a wise investment to get one. You will look well put together at least, whatever your taste in style might be.

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