It’s Official!!! Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Has Made Keyshia Cole An Honest Woman!!!

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Keyshia Cole Boobie Gibson Married On A Helicopter

Keyshia Cole and the father of her son, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson are officially a married couple. The two took to Twitter last night to share the love with their fans…

Keyshia Cole Boobie Gibson Married On A Helicopter

Have a click thru to peep the photos of them stuntin in a helicopter and the tweets.


  • WithAllHonesty


    • audi

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    • Salina

      Hello everyone….It’s amazing!
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    • Maggie

      Congrats to them, hopefully they had marriage counseling on how to make it work, think ahead guys, because the next Alicia Keys/ Gabriel Union is lurking around out there, just saying.

  • JJ


  • chrisj12

    good for her..everybody deserves happiness

  • Alecia

    Congrats!!! There’s something about Keshie Cole that I like. Happy for her.

    • Alecia


  • Geronimo Deuces-Champion

    at least he married her


  • jajay


    • Ti

      What does “next” mean?

      I never understood that! I mean,are you trying to be funny or something?I’m asking .I just don’t know!

    • jajay

      means ain’t nobody checkin for keyshia and her raggedy a$$ family. she needs to go and sit down somewhere and take care abt that failing a$$ music carrier as well as her crackish momma.


  • Kim

    That’s great! I’m happy for them, I’m just wondering where did the whole “make her an honest woman” come from??? Maybe she’s making him a “decent man” ha! I’m starting a NEW phrase lol

  • ME


  • DaniV

    Im glad a lot of these ballers are marrying women that have something to bring to the table other than their looks…congrats to both of them!

  • Ti

    I’m really glad she’s happy!
    (I never understood marriage though.It’s like ppl have done it,so it MUST be the thing to do! The whole”marriage God” thing!)~ But because i’ll never do it,doesn’t mean that other’s shouldn’t! HEY!!!! Kisses baby girl!!

  • The Black Amber Rose (Grace Jones)

    Raise your hand if you really care…..I didn’t think so!

  • http://bossip Hannibals Dad

    Jeezy wouldn’t, So Boobie did it.

    Hopefully his career last as long as hers or she’s out the door like Janet did Jermaine Dupree !

    • brittany

      lol. ur funny. i wish them the best

  • such and such

    Congratulations to keyshia and Daniel. They look very happy and they make a very nice couple.

  • Veve

    Congratulations to Bugs Bunny and Boobsie (?)!

  • Tia.

    Aww that’s sweet. GOOD FOR THEM!! CONGRATS!! :)

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