Norwood Week: Oh, You Thought He Was Just a Pimp???

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Your boy Norwood’s interest range from singing, pimpin’, and even putting loot back in the hood:

Norwood Young, a singer and actor who has devoted much of his time to causes such as “Feed His People”, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, was honored with a proclamation presented by Mayor Jones in Mobile Ala.

You know you thought the character was a nobody, just look at these party photos…

Pop the hood, if you dare…

Check out part 2 of his video from, Youngwood Court, on Livesteez

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    I feel sorry for those dogs…. SMH

  • iluvprada


  • http://YAHOO mzprettylady

    Oh and I cant front if I could dye my pups like that I probably would! heheh :)

  • and what...?

    so he’s a baller — shot caller, huh? He should be locked up for abusing those cute doggies!

  • lol

    lmao@his dogs, and is that gina?

  • anonymous

    okay, who is this norwood character? and what movies has he been in?

  • http://YAHOO mzprettylady

    @ Brook you know you wrong! lol

  • mswallst

    AND why is he so comestically enhanced? once he lightens his skin he’ll look like Michael Jackson’s twin brother!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I’ve had enough of this malarky. Who is Norwood and why isn’t NIKKI U. in the top 10?

    I mean, damn

  • Oshie - bet your heart'll melt if I put a thousand in your garter belt

    What? No.

  • lol


    What man does that kind of ish?

    Why not a gray pit?


    Even worse than that is…The Levi story on his dying has 9 comments, this circus act, like t-pain, has 20 some odd? People always want to see the freaks at a circus i guess..smh

  • Re has Legal Hustle on repeat....

    LOL @ Daywalker…

  • Rozza♥

    This guy with the booty chin is getting so much attention. Why?

  • Nikol-asa

    Is the a BAND-AID on his chin?? wow!


    The Norwood series is HILARIOUS!!

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