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Kola Boof Wale

Osama Bin Laden’s Black Mistress Attacks Wale On Twitter, “Punk BEETCH Nigerian Skin Bleacher” (GO)

Estella Warren Is Kind Of A Bada$$ (GO)

Faith Evans And Husband Release Statement On Divorce (GO)

The Jersey Shore Boys Get Into A Brawl In Italy — With Each Other (GO)

Jermaine Dupri Addresses High School Students About The Importance Of Voting [Video] (GO)

A Bikini Clad Lindsay Lohan Lets It Slip In Miami (GO)

Judgement Day Rescheduled For October 21st (GO)

OOOWEEE! New Bubbles Photoshoot [Photos] (GO)

Study Shows White Males Choose Better College Majors (GO)

Progress In The Fight Against AIDS And HIV (GO)

10 Celebs Who Always Look Amazing (GO)

Black Women 3 X More Confident, Abs Most Stresed About [Report] (GO)

StyleBlazer Survey: Is Fashion Racist? (GO)

Hair Raising: The Many Hairstyles Of Lady Gaga (GO)

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    team kola

  • marquis2sade

    KOLA IS MY HERO #teamboof

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    1. there were plenty of black girls in pretty grl vid.(some of darker complexion as well)
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