Was Aaliyah Knocked Up By The Pied Piper Of R&B When She Was Only 15-Years-Old?

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Aaliyah age ain't nothing but a number

Why can’t folks let Babygirl rest in peace? A new book scheduled for release this summer makes the shocking claim that R.Kelly gave Aaliyah a gut full before he put a ring on it back in the day.

r kelly book

In an excerpt leaked online former R.Kelly entourage member Demetrius Smith Sr writes,

“I think she’s pregnant’ he said, in a voice that sounded as if he wanted to burst out in tears. ‘Oh man, Rob’ was all I could say at the time. Derrel McDavid arranged for a car to pick Aaliyah up at O’Hare airport and she had a hotel room available on arrival. This was crazy! How were we going to get through this without causing ill feelings with Barry Hankerson.

‘How you gone marry Aaliyah Rob?’ I asked in bitter sadness. I wanted him to relinquish his idea on how that was going to happen.”

If homeboy was worried about ill feelings with Barry Hankerson before, he ought to really watch his back now.
Even if Aaliyah was pregnant, we don’t see how she could have carried the baby to full term without the whole world noticing. So if we are talking abortion or miscarriage — we’re pretty sure there are more than a few folks who are not going to be happy to hear the details.

Before you even ask the question, the author has already acknowledged he is a lil salty with Kells for leaving him high and dry. SMH!

Demetrious Smith

We’re blaming Kells… No NDA’s for the entourage??? You shoulda been handled that!


  • lenabear123

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

    _ Blac k Whi te Da te. C’om _

    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

    If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

    • Used to You Ninjas Now

      This is sooooo old! I mean really. This came out when Aalyiah came out with her first album. The pregnancy, the marriage, the whole thing. I don’t think anybody cares anymore….

    • it is what it mofo is

      the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com, “a pro black women website.”

    • kalifa

      😦 just another stink broke nigg trying to make a dollar by tarnishing the reputation of a dead person😦

  • rudie

    Well me for one is glad, because I am tired of people on this site always wanna throw shade at other young female singers comparing them to Aliyah like she was a damn God. Aliyah was no saint and this just goes to prove that she was running the streets from early. And at her young age she also had relations with jay z and Damon Dash.

    • rain

      Don’t talk ill of the dead ,it will come back to get you..you didn’t know her

  • goin deeper

    Aaliyah HAD to be a true freak…Listen to her songs and look at all the older men she was involved with, and they LOVED her….she musta had that snapback…

    • Hebrew92


  • It's Me

    Kell’s hit it, but he didn’t knock her up! This lil punk just trying to make a lil money, but ain’t no one gonna buy that stupid book…

  • Kim

    These comments are ridiculous. PLEASE…show some respect for the dead! And those of you judging I’d like to know how many people YOU’VE slept with?!? SMH

    • Kim

      And the writer of this book ought to be ashamed of themselves…she is not even alive to defend herself!

    • veryfunny

      thanks kim,the first thing I thought when I saw this topic…..let the dead rest in peace.some people are just so damnn stupid.

  • Matix B

    Who cares? It’s only sensational because she is dead and R. Kelly beat his charges. We will never know the truth so it doesn’t really matter about the details. I’m not saying she was an angel but she is not here to defend herself so STFU already. If she was your sister or niece or daughter you would want her to be remembered for being R. Kelly’s concubine, now would you?

    • Matix B

      ** wouldn’t **

  • florida gal

    How are y’all starting off the article talking about let baby girl rest? If u really wanted to let her rest, u would not have wasted ur time printing this article from 1994. Ijs

  • John doe

    Nobody cares about what happened in the past.. She’s been dead like how many years now?? This is a stupid story!

  • lovensmutts

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  • BritBrat

    Yeah I agree with @rudie! Everybody acted like she was just the best there ever was and could do no wrong. Of course it’s so sad that she’s gone and they need to let her rest in peace but come on..She’s human..

  • MyReason

    This actually makes sense to me. Why else would a 27 yr old man marry a 15 yr old girl that he’s raping???? Even back then, I always wondered about all the secrecy around their marriage. Now everybody knows.

  • Shananigans

    whoooo caresssssss now?! old news

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m sure he has a wonderfully scandalous story to tell, but I’m gonna need some major publisher to get their hands on the book first so they can clean up all the grammar issues and misused words.

    • Spell Check


    • Candy Apple

      Right, right! The back cover reads, “yet another tell”. It’s TAIL, fool. As in a story. Where is the editor, they need to be slapped.

    • Ummm...

      @ Candy Apple….
      Actually, it’s “tale”. js.

    • jinx

      @ candy apple and Ummm… the writer actually means that his work is not just another tell-all book… He is right. ‘Tell all’ just needed to be hyphenated.

  • Truth Nazi....the truth kills em

    I wonder how many of these hating comments are from *Sasha Fierce*, since she’s just Jay-Z’s fatter, choreographed, wig wearing version of AALIYAH……

    • YourDelusiona01

      Well Said!!!!!

    • haha

      Aaliyah could NEVER. people only started riding PlaneCrashLiyah because she died.



    truly old news and why bring it up now? A is dead.
    I had heard this rumor years ago.
    The answer was YES, R. Kelly did get A. pregnant. They got a quickie marriage, she either miscarried or got an abortion and then the marriage was quickly annulled.

    We all know R. Kelly likes em way too young and this is more than likely the whole point of this dude gaining retribution.

    It needs to be buried. The black community needs to except responsibility for NOT supporting artists who have dispositions that are not healthy or “right.”

  • chickieboo


  • confidently_ugly

    if this is true , he is a predator. Mentally, a 15 year old girl is no match for a grown azz man….no matter how mature she may think she is

  • What?

    I heard from some girl who went to school with Aaliyah, that she overheard Aaliyah’s mom say she was pregnant at a grocery store back in 93/94 and her mom was pissed. She could have been lying though because the girl didn’t really care for Aaliyah.

  • spartan843

    Regardless of what she did that was her business bottom line she was a sweet person with a loving personality. Let her rest comfortably without throwing the extra dirt at her. Let her R.I.P. Dang people really are insane and ignorant

    • Jaynelle

      @spartan843 I understand what you are saying but this really isn’t about her, the person. It’s really not about Kells either. It’s about somebody who felt that a person owed them something and they are trying to cash in on it after all of these years. He admitted to being ‘bitter and living in the past’ so there it is. Unfortunately, it makes good gossip at both Kells and Aaliyah’s part. It doesn’t mean we don’t respect them any less as musicians. It just means we are obsessed with sensationalism in the media.



  • Care

    It has been rumored for years that she was a pregnant a few times by Kels even after she was forbidden to see him… Even with that being said, she will always be adored by her family, friends, and fans… let it go…

  • Lola25

    It’s a shame when u see all these homeless people in LA, who possibly had something to do with some A listers careers, they throw they away like trash. This man has dedicated his life to kells and he don’t want to kick the homeless man down somethin Tfu. No Luv

  • Brap Brap

    I am so tired of the after death conspiracy & “secret disclosure”. Why these people dont let the dead sleep in peace? Jeez

  • Sean

    I guarantee you most of these outrageous comments are from these no record buying C– error fans! They know that tyranny is just a failed copy of babygirl so they wanna try to make her look bad, but it not going to work Cedric fans! She will always sh*t on your fave!

  • b-nice

    Hey, this is some Bullwinkle. We was at rest when Aaliah made the song “Age aint nothing but a number” ……RIP baby girl….

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