Christina Milian Is Not Interested In Dating, Is Just “Getting To Know Herself”

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christina milian working out in blue get up

C-Milli is loving the single life so all you thirsty cats hoping to get with that need to fall back:

The hearts of fans everywhere went out to Christina Milian when she and music producer The-Dream announced in July 2010 that they had parted ways at the end of the previous year, after three months of marriage. The news broke after he was caught frolicking on a beach with his curvy assistant, Melissa Santiago — and less than five months after the birth of their first daughter, Violet.

But that was then. “I’m in a great space now!” Christina told Star at the Joico event earlier this month. “I’ve learned that I’m strong.”

And the singer admits that she’s grateful that she’s been focused on being a mom to Violet. “To see her face keeps me going.”

Christina, 29, is in no rush to return to the dating scene, however. “I’m not interested,” she says.

“Right now, I’m really getting to know myself.” While she reveals that being “caring, loving, somebody that will be there and is funny” are her most-wanted qualities in a mate, “I love single life,” Christina says, adding that she manages to cut loose on occasion. “I’m very wise when I make my choices — but I do know how to have fun!”

Good for her…



  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn I would love to get to know her


    She can be my booty call.It ‘aint gotta be complicated.

  • Daniel

    At least she knows how to press the reset button and get back on track with her life. She didnt get hooked on crack, shave herself bald and get wasted in night clubs going home with everyone willing to hit it. Good on her, and epic fail for “The Dream/Nightmare”. N@ggas just cant seem to appreciate nice Sh@t! I hate N@ggas (ignorant black folks).

    • bishop

      YOu sound like a self hating dumbazz. You have no idea what went on in their relationship. And to top it off she said she is getting to know herself. That means she has shortcomings and it could be those same shortcomings that drove a wedge between her and her husband. But all we see is the dream frolicking on the beach somewhere and say, its his fault. There’s more than meets the eye. So think before you speak dummy!

    • Daniel

      @Bishop Of course there is more to the story but for the man to be out cheating on his wife…NO EXCUSE… The most pathetic excuse every one tries to use is it was this person fault or that person. I am sure she is not perfect but it doesnt have to end with a extr-marital affair. It could end with counseling and a mutual agreement that its not working out. That’s the most manly way to move on without being a cheating @sshole.

    • derek.d

      (side eye)

      I wish chicks would stop pretending to be dudes. Too obvious.

      We see you.


    OH miss me with this ish…youre just chilling now that you have a steady paycheck coming in. Gettign to know herself Hoes be winning, and saying stupidness.

  • resurrected

    I would think so after being ran through so many times. Just because you are very pretty does not make you a smart and respectable person.

    • Que

      I agree,theres gotta be something wrong with this chick. She is stunningly beautiful, but she has had way to many relationships that failed. This leads me to believe that theres something seriously wrong with her.

      Maybe shes dingy? Kinda crazy? Bad in bed? I dunno. But something “just aint right!”

  • YoyoC

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  • Fear of a Black Nation

    Thats code for theres no more big name producers who want to sleep with her

  • Tall Gyal

    I respect Christina for taking a step back and focusing on her and the baby. Dealing with a failed marriage, infidelity, and broken trust can’t be easy.

    Age has nothing to do with finding yourself. It’s just about right timing.

  • Mustang Madnezz

    SHE IS HOT. MAN, i would luv to date a chick like that!

    MustangMadnezz on twitter

  • gallyun

    Smartest thing I heard a celeb do in awhile.

  • ladylove

    @Fear of a Black Nation: I think her comment is code for, ‘I haven’t met any men worth my time. Only booty call type ni—s!’

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    She’s d@mned if she do & she’s d@mned if she dont.

    If she rushed into another r-ship, yall would be screaming REBOUND & tht she is too promiscuous

    Since she wants to “do her”, yall bytching she juss cant find nobody. Im sure she could have quite a few ppl… they just not tlkn the rite game.

    EVERYONE needs time to heal after a divorce, esp one tht was so public & tht was caused by infidelity.

    • Daylite

      Thank you! Damn give the girl a fvckin’ break!

    • Kia


  • Blderberg King

    Translation : I can’t tlet anyone know who I’m freaking off because it will mess up my alimony and spousal support..She’s wearin that workout gear thou damn..

  • Blderberg King

    Translation : I can’t let anyone know who I’m freaking off because it will mess up my alimony and spousal support..She’s wearin that workout gear thou damn..

  • Diana D

    WHO CARES ABOUT THIS NO TALENT H*E! isnt she f*cking darren sharper.

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