Some Superstar Celebrity Seed Preciousness: MJ’s Kids Kick It With Willow And Jaden Smith

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Michael Jackson's children Paris, Prince, and Blanket visited Will Smith's children Willow and Jaden at their Los Angeles film location Friday, May 20th, 2011.

Willow and Jaden Smith made some new friends on the set of their current film project this weekend… MJ’s kids! Prince, Paris and Blanket were escorted to Willow and Jaden’s set by grandmother Katherine Jackson and it looked like a good time was had by all.

Michael Jackson's children Paris, Prince, and Blanket visited Will Smith's children Willow and Jaden at their Los Angeles film location Friday, May 20th, 2011.

It’s great to see the Jackson kids having a good time and living as normal lives as possible. More shots of them kicking it with the Smiths, as well as photos from their afterschool Starbucks run, below:

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  • lovensmutts


  • Kathryn


  • prissa

    I wonder y they don’t cut blanket’s hair? *shrug* Glad they have some sense of normalcy now.

  • Uguess

    I love it …. So happy the kids are enjoying themselves .

  • Jay the Real One

    Wow Michael’s fakea@@ kids

    • FaReelDoe

      Ummm… It looks like they are alive. They’re breathing and have blood flowing through their veins. They are real kids and Michael was their father from the time they started breathing. Nothing fake about that. Grow up.

  • Ashley

    It has been explained that Blanket doesn’t want to cut his hair because he was growing it out when Mike died. He shouldn’t have to cut it til he is ready. And there is nothing fake about those kids.

  • Pretty thang

    Correction: Those are not MJ’s seeds. Repeat those are not mj’s seeds. They belong to a pure white man who will eventually reveal himself in the future!!

    • FaReelDoe

      Okay. Thanks for clarifying that for us.

  • http://google smh

    Having long (real) hair isn’t a no no.

  • Ashley

    Do ya’ll have some paternity test results we don’t know about? Didn’t think so. Using my eyes to see that the boys look like Mike from the 70s and my common sense to realize that Prince’s vitiligo is an indication of paternity, I can come to the conclusion that Michael likely was the bio dad. Ya’ll didn’t believe Mike about his vitiligo either but he had it.


    CONGRATS 2 MOTHER KATHERINE!!! The best thing I believe she has to offer those children is LOVE and a sense of normalcy, as well as a connection to the outside world. These pics looks like she is off to a fantastic start.

  • LatinaSabrosa

    they are so cute all of them! They just look like kids having a normal fun time. Ilove the little one his too cute

  • djm

    They are so beautiful, so glad to see them with great kids like will and jadas.

  • LOL

    LOL will & jada are trying to turn their kids into their own little Michael & Janet, so they just want some of those Jackson talent genes to rub off on their kids LOL.

  • angie sloan

    God Is Good…All The Time….things happen for a reason….Michael Jackson was a damn good father…Now they r under their grandmothers care and she is LOVE….

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