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Oprah’s Final Show Features Herself, No Guests (GO)

Anna Kournikova Scores Gig on ‘Biggest Loser’ (GO)

Richard Simmons Always Amazing of the Day (GO)

Talent Manager’s Tips for Music Industry Success (GO)

Black Women’s Greatest Nemesis: Obesity (GO)

Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Tweet Congratulations For Kim (GO)

The Streets and High Fashion Collide: Marc Jacobs Collabs with New Era for Fitted Baseball Hats (GO)

Co-Co Shows Off New Cocolicious Line With Ice-T, Parties In Pool (GO)

Kerry Washington Stars in Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Scandal’ (GO)

How To Talk To Your Woman About: American Idol (GO)

Lil Jon Honored By Children’s Home For Donating ‘Apprentice’ Winnings (GO)

Ronnie Kicked The Situation’s Ass (GO)

Gabrielle Union Joins “Think Like A Man” Cast (GO)

Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell Loses Mayoral Race (GO)

Would You Go See A Movie Based on Candy Land? (GO)

Patriotic Jessica Alba Supports The Safe Chemicals Act In Capitol Hill (GO)


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  • My2Cent

    @Pretty thang

    Where are you getting you’re “facts” from? How do you know that 99.9% of her employees are white??

    Oprah is the wealthiest African-American in this country. She hires the best in the business to operate her show. Don’t get mad at her if the best in the business is not Black. I “think” she has about 20-25 Black staff.

    I do know that most of Oprah’s staff is made up of women. Does that automaticly mean that she hates men?!? GTFOH.

  • My2Cent

    I mean’t: “your facts”*

    And those Black staffers numbers Not including Gayle King.

  • My2Cent

    How can you be so tunnel visioned? Maybe black specialist don’t want there own show or don’t want the fame. There’s a cost to fame you know. Maybe they don’t want that fame.

    Gayle King is doing good for herself. President Obama is the first Black President of our nation (she helped make that happen). She helped Chris Rock get public exposier in 1997. She has built schools for girls in Africa.

    Wait….don’t tell me that you’re the type of sista that ain’t satisfied until EVERY LAST staffer is Black? REALLY??

    She can’t just hire ONLY black people. She would not have had the success she has today if she had practiced reverse discrimination. Please

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