The Un-Be-Weave-Able Crime Spree Continues In Atlanta…

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The weave thieves, are in these streets!

Thieves rammed a car through the front door of a Clayton County beauty supply store early Thursday, then made off with an estimated $10,000 in hair extensions.

The theft follows a recent trend not only in metro Atlanta but across the country as well.

Don Kang, owner of the Beauty Emporium store in the 5600 block of Riverdale Road, said his store was hit around 3 a.m. Thursday.

“They rammed the front with a car, then they came in and stole all the expensive hair,” Kang said. “Four or five guys, wearing gloves and masks. They came in and they were out of here in about a minute.”

…“It’s bad,” Kang said. “About a month ago, they tried to break through our back door, but they couldn’t get it open.”

Kang said the burglary is one of many in recent months at area beauty supply stores.

“The thieves are targeting beauty supplies,” he said. “They’re going after the expensive hair. It’s been happening to a lot of beauty supply [stores].”

It’s fawked up that hundreds of bald-headed beasts are running around these streets and can’t even get their wigs tightened up because these bastards are hi-jackin the Yaki. It’s a dirty game y’all.

Hide ya tracks, hide ya glue, hide ya tracks, hide ya glue…



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