Sit Yo’ Dirty Dog A$$ Down: Tiki Barber Compares Himself To Anne Frank Because He Hid From Paparazzi

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tiki barber anne frank

Clearly Tiki wants us all to hate him even more. Tiki Barber has been crying like a beyotch because everyone hates him for leaving he pregnant wife for some young Becky. Now, he’s taken it to another level during a story with Sports Illustrated:

Barber and Johnson went into hiding in the attic of Lepselter’s house in New Jersey. “Lep’s Jewish,” says Barber, “and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.” (Here is Barber writ small: He has the wit and smarts to make an Anne Frank allusion and the artlessness to liken himself—an adulterer trying to elude gossip columnists—to a Holocaust victim.)

In case you don’t get the reference: Anne Frank hid in an attic to avoid Nazis during the Holocaust. Barber and his side piece hid in an attic to avoid paparazzi. Clearly…not the same thing at all. Barber just needs to go away and get a day job or something because he makes us sick to our stomachs every time he talks.


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