Jesus Take The Wheel: 8-Year-Old Bullying Victim Commits Suicide

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Tori Wilson Westwood Elementary School

What is wrong with this world today???

An eight-year-old girl found dead in the woods near her home had hanged herself after being bullied, police have said.

The body of little Tori Blair Wilson was discovered just 80 yards from her house near Palestine, East Texas, after she went missing from a neighbourhood barbecue.

Following a weeks-long investigation, an autopsy has now revealed the second-grader died from suicide by hanging.

It also found the pretty eight-year-old had talked about suicide in the past, once even putting her head in a noose in front of one of her friends.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor told CBS: ‘It appears she was a good student with no problems at school, but we did receive information she may have been bullied at some point.’

He told local newspaper the Palestine Herald Tori may even have been bullied on the day of her death, but investigators had not discovered any specific culprits.

Tori was a pupil at Westwood Primary School, where she was described as a ‘very fine student’ who was loved by teachers.

She had been playing happily with bikes and water balloons at the neighbourhood barbecue near her home on Sunday, April 17, when she disappeared.

Sheriff Taylor said: ‘All of the kids came inside and (Tori) went back into the woods saying she forgot something. When she didn’t show up her family went looking for her and found her hanging.’

He said officers ruled out foul play early on, but were ‘baffled’ by her death because there was little evidence at the scene.

In an autopsy report, Dr John A. Stash of the Southeast Texas Forensic Science Center ruled the cause of her death was ‘asphyxia by hanging’, and listed the manner of her death as suicide. There was no sign of a struggle.

The report continued: ‘According to investigative information the decedent had a history of suicidal ideation and had similarly placed her head and neck in a rope in the presence of a friend in the past in a possibly prior hanging attempt.’

But Justice of the Peace James Westley has said he is not yet willing to put suicide on Tori’s death certificate, and said he needs to discuss the case further with the sheriff’s office before making a decision.

We’re sorry, but where were her parents? What about her teachers? How could all of the grown-ups in this little girl’s life fail her so miserably?



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