A “Lil Positivity”: Braylon Edwards Drops A Milli On College Tuition For Inner City Kids

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Braylon Edwards NY Jets free agent

No matter how much of a knuckle head you might think Braylon Edwards is, he proved yesterday that he’s more than the average troubled jock.

Edwards, who will be a free agent when the NFL labor impasse is resolved, fulfilled a promise today that he made to 100 eight-graders in Cleveland years ago. On May 16, 2007, Edwards promised $1 million in academic scholarship money toward college tuitions at the start of the ADVANCE 100 Program, an educational intiative established by the Braylon Edwards Foundation, in the Cleveland Municipal School District. Students and their parents signed a pledge at the time to fulfill their end of the bargain: Graduate from high school.

The students were provided academic assistance through tutors, mentors and workshops throughout the process. Edwards, who was just in his third year in the NFL when he decided to give back to the community, had two requirements for the students: 1) Provide 15 hours of community service annually and 2) Maintain a 2.5 or better grade point average.

During the next couple years, Edwards was vilified by Cleveland Browns fans for his performance on the field. He was traded to the Jets early in the 2009 season after an alleged altercation with a member of LeBron James’ circle of friends outside a club in downtown Cleveland. (James, of course, has become the most despised athlete in Cleveland).

Braylon tweeted the news with pride yesterday, not in himself, but in his Advance 100.

Braylon Edwards Advance 100 Twitter

Sounds like someone might be growing up a little. Congrats to Braylon and his Advance 100.



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