Rihanna’s Been Secretly Meeting With Chris: Is She A Sucker For Punishment Love?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Who didn’t see this coming? A couple of weeks ago, when it was discovered that Rihanna and Chris Brown were following each other on Twitter, we were pretty sure it was an indication of them testing the waters of public opinion. Clearly her fans aren’t with a reunion, but RihRih has made it pretty clear all along that she is gonna do what the fizzzuck she wants to do.

The current issue of Now, a UK tabloid, is reporting that the former couple have been talking online a lot recently and have even gotten together in person. Check out the details below:

Superstar Rihanna has risked the wrath of her fans by secretly seeing the man 
who beat her up and broke her heart.

The singer’s even 
used Twitter to stand up for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, 22, who split her lip and left her battered and bruised after a vicious attack in February 2009.

The restraining order she’d taken out was lifted in February in time for the Grammys and our sources say Ri-Ri, 23, has met up with Chris twice since then.

‘Ri-Ri’s always loved Chris – that never changed,’ reveals a source. ‘They’ve texted and Skyped each other a lot recently and met up at a mutual friend’s house in Los Angeles after the restraining order expired.’

SMH… But again, is anybody really surprised?

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  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    Well, we know how those Caribbean gyals like it. It wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t pretend like she didn’t provoke Chris into hitting her. She already said she likes for a man to put her in her place. Ike and Tina: 2011

    • nissan

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      @Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH and what on God’s green earth do you know about the caribbean much less caribbean girls? Some of you are sinfully ignorant and display it in public shamelessly so! You may want to grab and education, dictionary and map before responding.

      How many men have you yourself taken a beating from why you speak such ignorance?

    • kalifa

      the beating did wonders for her career so enjoy the next abusive outburst :)

    • lenabear123

      I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

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      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

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  • Magister Veritatis (ReallynotInterested)

    Last time I checked both Rihanna and Breezy were adults. Both are old enough to make informed decisions. Plus, some women enjoy being hit on. I suspect she is one of those types. And because Breezy has a thug swagger going for him, and because black women love drama in relationships, I fail to see how these two are not a match made in heaven.

    • geemoenettie


    • WithAllHonesty

      By society’s standards it’s perfectly okay for them to begin a friendship or relationship.

      Isn’t society always telling women to leave an abusive relationship? Well Rihanna left.
      Doesn’t society encourage violent or abusive men to get help? Well Chris got help, and even mentioned he continues or continued to get help even after completing anger management.

      They are adults. They were young adults when this all occurred, not even old enough to be stuck in their ways. They changed.

      I say go for it.

      Personally, I cut all ties to ex whether it ended on a good note or not.

    • someblkppl

      “because black women love drama in relationships” Really? you’re an idiot to make such a general statement.

    • Magister Veritatis (ReallynotInterested)

      And your mom is dumb for not aborting you.

    • jayluv

      dang did u really need to say “black women loves drama in relationship?” i am black woman and i always wonder why black men loves drama in their lives. i can’t stand drama and the unnecessary kind at that too.

  • Shoni

    It’s Rhianna and Chris’s life. Let them live it! Get a freakin life of your own. Enough all f-ckin ready!

    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      AGREE..Let them do them…I 100% DO NOT CONDONE a man beating a woman..so that part is wrong…BUT if they sought help and if the alleged Female Victim wants to forgive the dude..who the hayle am I to say..”No”…If she still thinks she loves him and wants to let him back in..promise to NOT BEAT..again..who am i to tell this grown chick..NO…just because she does music…

  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    As a matter of fact I see this becoming a Bobby/Whitney situation.

  • A PAIR of silly red a$$ nigguhs .....

    enough of both those damn warped nigguhs

  • smart24yroldblackchick

    WOW two nutty children who belong together,

    Rihanna’s career will be DONE soon if she gets back with him

  • chrisj12

    na na na na come on!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    I don’t think she is that stupid please people….This is just a rumor.

    • Mrs. Rance

      That about sums it up. He sure is into his girlfriend to be pining for Rihanna.


    Well guys, the affliction of the feeling leaves her wanting more!

    Feels so good being bad
    There’s no way I’m turning back
    Now the pain is my pleasure
    Cause nothing could measure

    NA NA NA NA NA come on! I Like it Like it! S S S S & M M. S S S S & M M.

  • lachica504

    BS, till i see a recent picture of them chillen togther I’m not gonna believe this “he said she said” shit.

    • http://bossip Glow

      am with you on this one..and am hoping and praying they dont reunite…chris can do better.. am sure she can too..but they not a cute couple…

  • Karen

    Sometime real love is diffcuit to let go, but if by any chance Rihanna get back with chris, and if what happen in 2009 happen again, she should be sure that she would not only losse her heart or face but she will lose her career for sure. beside to me I think she is well manure than chris.

  • JaZzIe91

    Old news… Chris Brown and Rihanna never stopped talking! They’ve been in contact with each other since that incident. Both still love one another, but Rihanna is scared of what the public/fans are going to think. This is their life and they’re grown but I don’t think I can go back to someone who beat the hell out of me.

    • GTFOH


  • Sheila

    All things said, we the public may have our opinions, but ultimately it’s the life THEY choose to live. I just hope that it’s a lesson learned for both of them. I think they love each other and they were caught up in the moment.

  • JustAshley

    This is going to end badly. SMH I don’t think it will come to blows again but still….this is not a good idea.

  • Bossy_Chic76

    I think that the media need to stay out of celebrities personal life. We are here to enjoy their talent…music, acting, etc. Peoples obsession with their personal life is a little creepy to me. And as far as them being role models to our children…we need to be role models for our own children first. My children my grow up to aspire to be an entertainer like Chris or RihRih but I would hope that their dad & myself set a good enough example that they would want to conduct themselves like we do and not how some celebrity does.
    Everyone makes mistakes & everyone sins! Only perfect one is God himself. We need to stop judging and let them live their lives.

    • LEB

      I agree! Who are we to tell someone who they can’t date or we won’t buy their music. Yeah that is about how stupid this sounds.

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