Blast From The Past: Coco Before She Got Ice-T Or Those Redonkulous Cakes

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Coco Before and After Ice-T and Coco Austin's new show "Ice Loves Coco" premiered this weekend and included a look back at Coco before the fame and the redonkulous cakes. Coco Austin and her mother Last week we showed you Coco's mama, now check out shots of them from both years ago!
Coco Austin as a kid with her family These days Coco really does resemble her mother when they were young. Coco's parents met on the set of "Bonanza" back in the day so we guess she was destined for showbiz!
Coco Austin and her sister Kristy when they were kids Aw... look at those baby faces! Coco and her lil sis Kristy both grew up to be models.
Coco Austin and Kristy Williams as teenagers Coco and Kristy when they were giggly girls...
Coco as a brunette Brunette Coco looks a lot like Juliette Lewis, doesn't she?
Coco Austin and her sister Kristy Williams who is also a model Coco and Kristy when they were teens... Anybody think Ice may have wifed the wrong sister?
Coco's pre-fame cakes This is what Coco's cakes looked back in the day... we hear they still brought all the boys to the yard!

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