You Can’t Be Serious… Cassie Compares Her Next Album To Aaliyah

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Some girls don’t believe that just being pretty and making a career of that is good enough.

Cassie is one such girl. While she’s probably made more money modeling than singing since her 2006 debut, Cassie is convinced that her musicianship is where it’s at. And it’s making her talk a little crazy.

Check out what she told Nylon Magazine about her “long-awaited” second album “Electro Love,” which is due out sometime this year.

On her album: “It’s a cool blend of pop, hip-hop, and ska. It’s urban Gwen Stefani meets Aaliyah. I hate referencing people but if you had to compare, that’s it.”

Favorite song on Electro Love: “‘Lonely Disco Ball’” which is about the end of the night when the party is done and everybody has left.”

Dream collaboration: “It’s pretty unattainable, but I would love to work with Prince.”

On considering herself more of a musician or a model: “Musician because I love being creative and letting myself be emotional in that moment.”

Oh brother.


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