Twitter Files: Mister Cee Takes To Twitter To Let Off Some…Steam

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DJ Mister Cee Pleads Guilty

Looks like “The Finisher” isn’t quite finished.

As we reported yesterday, Legendary New York DJ Mister Cee pled guilty yesterday to his homosexual-prostitute transgressions. Despite the fact that we already knew he was guilty, Cee took to his Twitter page to re-address an issue that we had pretty much moved past. Clearly it’s still a very touchy subject for him.

Peep his iRant on the following pages below


  • Shilee

    oh he MAD huh???
    WHY SO SERIOUS??? hahaha

  • TriniSaz0n.

    Be free Mr cee ..Be FREE!

  • Geep

    But answer me THIS, Mister Cee–was it good haaid?

  • robbie

    that is how most of em are from getting caught – it is the purpose for DownLow – get it.

  • Frankie

    Sit ur azz down! U did the crime so pay the time. I know that was corny but negro please! u was trying to get your ish off and got busted. Loser.

  • CrankDatSnackWrap

    He Sounds Like A Little Kid. “So, You Cant Play With My Kickball Anymore, *humph*”

  • nicca_please

    Mister Cee needs to shut up….He is funny bunny.

  • Ejay

    He should have never said anything! That would’ve been a better move. SMH!

  • Kome one


    • prettyplease

      lmao..sak pase mr cee! lol

  • jah

    i lost mad respect for this “man”. not because he’s a h0m0 (well that too) but because of the way he lied thru the whole ordeal! Now he wanna be mad at the world for enjoying head from another dude. eat a d!c and stfu

  • jah

    admit it Cee – you love the way a man’s mouth feels around your c0ck – just admit it! hahahaha

  • JaZzIe91

    He need to sit his fat down low a*s down somewhere. If you’re gay, keep it 100. He’s trying to get mad because his secret life was exposed. #F*uckOuttaHere you lame a*s n*gga. With ya scary a*s.

  • Lola

    Its okay to be gay, but dont walk around acting u something ur not and act tuff…Its not fair to other straight ppl…

  • robbie d

    Joker – refer to Robbie’s comment.

  • ohsotruetrue

    This dude is a str8 punk!!! I would have more respect for him if he came out and admited what he truly likes. To go a couple of blocks from his job to pick up trannies and then act like he is all MAN is totally actions of a soft in the pants nicca…. I guess DJ Flex and CiCi and go around the corner together.

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