Which One Would You Hit???

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T-Pain and Soulja Boy were on the red carpet for the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night, looking like 2 clowns at the circus.

Ladies, if you had to take one of these eccentric fellows home with you after the awards….

Which One Would You Hit?

More red carpet pictures below of Toccarra, Common, Ti, Big Boi in fishing boots, etc, etc…

Pop the hood, you know we have more…

You have to get a gander at Big Boi’s fishing boots under the hood…


  • ...YUP!

    tyrese lol

  • Teeza

    Huh? No comment.

  • ex-soulja girl...

    soulja boy is looking so cheap.


    Is death an option?

  • Wakeupeople

    They both look like the house niccas who use to perform for the master at his house party.. Sickening!! This is what our young black guys are seeing as role models…shame!!




  • Elusive

    What the hell is going on with Soulja Boy’s pants?

  • always knew

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…Gross! Both are so nasty and unattractive, from their clothes to their lack of brains….Anyone that would sleep with either, needs to get her head checked………

  • cowboy way

    Is that Pikachu face on the bottom of T-Pains shirt?

  • dayg715

    between coon sr. and coon jr.? no thanks.

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  • Sharpton's Perm

    these two look like a cartoon version of what white people think of us.

    Do these walking stereotypes know Obama is running for president? That Tyler Perry opened the first Black TV studio? and that Oprah and Will Smith are the biggest stars on the planet?

    get these coons a time machine!

  • oh my!

    What do I get to hit them with?

  • Side Eye Jones

    Um, neither. But Toccara looks nice, think I like the long hair. The pap’s caught Big Boi in a rather zesty pose. Officer Ross looks a tad short and without his big chains and emblems he’s giving me Kimbo Slice’s lil brother.

  • J2B

    Is that really a question? Come on, be serious. Yeah, I would hit them both with a damn two by four.

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