Could Losing The NBA Finals Mean No More Big Three In Miami???

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The Miami Heat might have more than just the NBA Finals to worry about if they keep playing like they did last night.

As salary talks continue within the NBA owners have proposed a new salary cap that would mean they’d have to break up the Big Three… or have a three man team.

The Big 3 is under contract through the 2014 post-season. But if the NBA emerges from this summer’s collective-bargaining negotiations with a hard salary cap, Commissioner David Stern said, it’s possible the Heat wouldn’t be able to keep all three superstars.

Chris Bosh and LeBron James signed $110.1 million contracts last summer while Wade signed for $107 million. The Heat likely wouldn’t be able to fit all three under a hard cap.

“That’s part of the negotiation,” Stern said before Game 1. “This is very complex. If there’s a will, we’ll be able to work all those issues out.”

The NBA, like the NFL, is headed to a lockout July 1 if players and owners cannot agree to a new CBA before the current one expires on June 30.

Stern said owners and players will conduct a “full-blown bargaining session” today in Miami.

In other words, nothing is set in stone yet, but without a ring this season, the Heat owners particularly would have no incentive to find a way to keep Bron, Wade and Bosh. And last night, the Heat saw how easily they mess around an lose this series to Dallas.

The Miami Heat were at it again, celebrating before they had accomplished anything.

There were no fireworks or smoke machines or hydraulic lifts this time. This was a much simpler, two-man production. It consisted of Dwyane Wade extending his right hand up like a swan’s neck, pausing to savor the 3-pointer he made in front of the Dallas Mavericks’ bench that put Miami ahead by 15 points with 7:44 left in Thursday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

When the Mavericks called timeout and Wade finally started heading toward his own bench LeBron James joined him, the two rejoicing in the moment.

Jason Terry wasn’t going to have that. He stomped forward, but he never quite reached them and, according to Terry, no words were exchanged before they all returned to their respective huddles.

“I know what I wanted to say,” Terry said.

Which was … ?

“It’s not over.”

The Heat could have checked with the Los Angeles Lakers, who led the Mavericks by 16 in the third quarter in the first game of the second round yet wound up getting swept.

They could have asked the Oklahoma City Thunder, who had a 15-point lead over Dallas in the fourth quarter of the fourth game of the Western Conference finals yet lost that one and the next.

Instead the Heat got a lesson of their own from the Mavericks, who delivered Miami its first home loss of the playoffs, 95-93, in stunning fashion.

“If there’s time on that clock, there’s still time for us,” Terry said.

Time enough for Terry to pull himself out of a dreadful performance to score eight points in the game’s final six-plus minutes.

SMH. Now do you see why we call them shady?

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