A “Lil Positivity”: Ron Artest Takes It To Reality TV To Save The Hood From Itself

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Ron Artest LA Lakers

We always knew Ron Artest would end up on a television show. We’re pleasantly surprised to find out this is how he chose to do it though.

TMZ reports, the recovering-from-crazy Laker is working on a motivational reality show that will only partly focus on him.

Artest — who is no stranger to getting second chances — is helping mentor a group of parolees as part of a show called, “Last Second Shot.” Ron Ron will work with a team of mental health experts and life coaches to help the parolees take control of their lives.

We’re told the production company, 44 Blue Productions, hasn’t pitched the show to any networks yet … but they’re “very high on it.”

He really is taking this mental advocate comeback seriously, huh?


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