For Discussion: Single Mothers At Risk For Bad Health Later In Life

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According to a recent study, single mothers are more at risk to have health problems later in life:

Single moms may be at risk for poor health later in life.Of thousands of mothers who participated in a 30-year study, the ones who had delivered children outside of marriage reported being less healthy when they reached their 40s than the ones who had postponed motherhood until after marriage. And marriage, when it occurred after motherhood, did not appear to remedy the women’s health problems, said study researcher Kristi Williams, an associate professor of sociology at Ohio State University.

The findings suggest public health campaigns to promote marriage, which were started by the government in 1996 and aimed at single, low-income mothers, may not improve these women’s health as once hoped, the researchers said. Because many more women have out-of-wedlock children today than several decades ago, the researchers predicted an increasing public health problem as these women enter their midlife. About 40 percent of newborns in the United States come from single moms, compared with 10 percent in 1960, the researchers said.

Williams and her colleagues analyzed survey responses from close to 4,000 women who were ages 14 to 22 when the study began in 1979. The women were interviewed every year until 1994, and then every two years afterward until 2008. Women who had their first child out of wedlock reported lower levels of health at age 40 than did those who were married when they had their first child. The results held even after the researchers took into account factors that could influence the mother’s health, including education level and health conditions that existed before 1979. Getting married later on did not tend to ameliorate the single mother’s poor health unless she married the biological father, remained married to him, and was white or Hispanic. There was no beneficial effect of later marriage for black mothers, the researchers said.

The study did not determine why single mothers had poorer health, but the researchers speculated it may be due to the stress and financial strain that often accompany single parenthood. Both of these factors are implicated in a wide range of health problems, Williams said.




  • Ariona Taylor

    You had to research that?

    • Shananigans

      lol not surprised!

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  • gina

    Why did they waste money on reporting the obvious!

  • Daniel

    Kids will drive two parents crazy what do you think they will do to one? Oh wait, it takes 1million dollars of research to find obvious answers. I chose the wrong profession to get paid for doing nothing.

  • carebaer


  • M3G

    Women may stress over kids, careers, and education… Men have shorter life spans than women – which includes single mothers.. That fact has existed beyond this weak study.. Disgusted this study even found a way to make it a racial thing…

    • G.M.

      who cares…everybody has to die eventually…but between men and women who do u think is dying happier than the other…studies have shown its been men, we get happier later in life and women get more bitter later in life…so, grasping at straws like men die sooner to make urself feel better about ur the plight of the female gender is pointless lol XD





  • What?

    B.S! This must be some kind of joke, LOL!

  • What?

    “Getting married later on did not tend to ameliorate the single mother’s poor health unless she married the biological father, remained married to him, and was white or Hispanic. There was no beneficial effect of later marriage for black mothers, the researchers said.

    Pure comedy. LOL


    I guess that whole-“making men fathers when all they wanted was recreational sex”-thing was’nt so smart…now was it?

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  • Jada1

    Its not shocking…I don’t have any kids,but I get stressed out sometimes and it gets hard tryna take care of myself sometimes. So I couldn’t imagine taking care of a kid or kids right now and by myself.

  • Keep it Real

    This Liberal Progressive Feminist Matriarchal Society nonsense has been a disaster for black women and the black family.

  • LoveChild

    We(black women) have always been the caretakers.
    Even when we get married and have kids while in the marriage we still manage to have stress in our lives. Even being married to still have to be a mother to our husbands where as other races tend to just get taken care of.
    A prime example is that one sister from The Braxton Family values”
    She’s married to a loser,has to maintain a job,take care of kids and a grown man at the same time!! And that’s how it usually is

    • Keep it Real

      True, but she ain’t going to die from obesity.

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    I can see how that is possible, taking on both roles when the father is not participating, yes I’m sure it can be stressful.

  • M3G

    @TylerPerry: LOL.. O, your serious aren’t you (sad)?

    @KeepItReal: what do you have to say about the Conservative Digressive Masculine Society => jerks, prisoners, corporate “sell-out” clowns, down low (married with or w/o kids), and all the rest?

    It is amazing how quick some are to attack women who chose to have, raise & love some of y’all ungrateful, bitter a****

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