You Can’t Be Serious: Young Couple Murks Mother And Stuffs Her Body In The Trunk

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These ratchet children are out of control!

The daughter of a Clayton woman whose body was found in the trunk of an abandoned car has been charged with murder along with her boyfriend.

Clayton police Lt. Tina Daniel said Latoris Grovner, 20, admitted to getting into an argument Friday night with 59-year-old Alena Marble. Daniel said Grovner confessed to beating Marble in her apartment, wrapping her in a blanket and putting her in the trunk of her car while still alive.

Police would not say what precipitated the argument between Grovner and Marble.

Marble’s daughter, 21-year-old Kajul Harvey, was “involved in the entire incident,” police said, but would not elaborate.

Harvey and Grovner, arrested Sunday, have been charged with murder, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine if Marble died from injuries sustained in the beating or from being left in the car trunk.

Saturday, just after noon, police discovered Marble’s body in her car, which had been parked alongside Mount Zion Road in Jonesboro near her apartment.

The body was found after a maintenance worker at the nearby Woods of Southlake apartments reported a “foul smell” coming from the vehicle.

Whatever the argument was about … it couldn’t have been that deep and damn sure wasn’t worth it. SMH



  • JM@gic

    Black women

    • Beleza

      You mother,aunt,grandma,cousins and their family. I know right.

    • AMBER

      hmmm… now i wonder what brought this beautiful young couple together.

    • bdimps

      what the hell are you saying black women for? if you read the same story that everyone else has, you will see that a BLACK MAN killed his gf’s mother. It doesn’t matter the reason…HE beat her to death. I swear I am sick of you self hating tree monkeys come on here with that bullshyt. get a life you gutter bums!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    What is this world really coming to, especially when you have people k1lling thier own mother. It’s disgusting and people really need to get thier anger in check b/c it seems like it’s really getting the best of them. I can’t imagine what that mother’s last moments must have been like, knowing she was gonna die at the hands of her own children… These monsters need to be put away for the rest of miserable lives. RIP:-(

  • Ariel


    • Don Imus

      BLACK PEOPLE in general!

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    Wow. Some people really have no regard for human life. And oh yeah Asian Men!

  • MFB

    The black b*tch has that “I’m f*cking clueless” look. What a bunch of low-life ghetto trash.

  • Tyler Perry, say what you want but the ghetto nygga stupid pray to me everyday!

    Damn, butt ugly bytches do some evil shyt!

  • Magister (RNI)

    Tyler Perry

    Cosign! The excuses are coming.

  • Teflon Don

    “Latroris”? Why does she sound like some kind of Birth Control pill?

  • G.M.

    b1tches is crazy and will have their own mama killed over a man/some d1ck…damn y’all gettin more and more desperate smh


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  • chrissy


  • nicca_please

    That is such a shameful and cowardly act…But there in custody so to prison they both shall go.

  • Nene87

    I believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth what you do to other people should be done to you R.I.P.

  • Nene87

    I know a lot of times when people use and abuse their kids when they are younger you hear stuff like this but when its someone who did all they could do and this happens crazy.

  • another B.P moment....(Bi-otch please)!

    Just damn!

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